It is Eviction Day in the Big Brother 22 house and this week should be pretty self-explanatory. Enzo is in the HOH, Christmas and Nicole are on the block and as we saw last night on Big Brother All-Stars, Cody went on to win this week’s Power of Veto competition. This week’s POV is where all the power was, so what will Cody do with his vote tonight? Keep reading to find out what I think will happen tonight on Big Brother!

This article will contain Big Brother spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds. If you don’t want to know what’s been going on in the house, please don’t read ahead.

Now, Enzo has mentioned to Cody and Christmas that he really would like to see Nicole leave this week, but unfortunately for him, there just wasn’t a scenario where this played out. With Enzo in the HOH and not allowed to vote, there wasn’t anyone else in the house that would vote Nicole out this week. Even if Christmas won this week, Cody was going to be voted out over Nicole, hands down.

I will say, Christmas has tried really hard to convince Cody that bringing Nicole to F2 would only lessen his chances of winning Big Brother All-Stars. Christmas told Cody that with Nicole in the F2, the jurors aren’t going to vote against her because she won this season, they are going to see that as a reason to vote for her to win again because she was able to keep the target off of her.

Cody told Christmas that he doesn’t think that the jurors should be voting based on what she has done in previous seasons because they should be voting on what she’s done in this season, which hasn’t been a lot of anything comp-wise, but she had the social relationships with people and that is what kept her safe and in the house.

Regardless of what Christmas has told him and whether or not her points are valid, Cody has no intention of voting Nicole out of the Big Brother house tonight. Christmas will be voted out and then the next question on everyone’s mind will be who is taking who to F2. Based on the poll I ran earlier, 83% of you also think that Christmas will be evicted tonight on Big Brother 22.

We will kick off the final HOH with round 1 tonight after the live show so be on the lookout for my live recap and my R1 spoilers coming up later tonight!

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