It is Eviction Day in the Big Brother 22 house which means that at the end of the night, one of these two Big Brother All-Stars will be evicted from the Big Brother house. Things have been changing by the minute inside the house and you can get all the details with our Big Brother spoilers. Otherwise, keep reading to find out which of these HGs I think will be evicted this week!

This post contains Big Brother 20 spoilers! If you don’t want to know what’s been going on inside the Big Brother house, do NOT read ahead!

Tonight we will watch as David Alexander or Nicole Anthony are voted out of the Big Brother house. There has been a lot going on inside the house this week with ever-changing alliances and talks of a vote flip, it’s really coming down to the wire.

After Keesha was evicted from the Big Brother 22 house, we watched as Memphis went on to win the HOH for week 2. Being part of a larger alliance including HGs like Cody, Dani, Nicole Franzel, Tyler, and Christmas, we expected a pretty big move to be made. Christmas went on to win the Safety Suite which kept Memphis’ options open until Christmas picked Ian as her plus one.

Memphis’ intention was to put Nicole A and David on the block and use Ian as a backup nom or possibly a BD option, but when Ian was taken out of the picture, that all changed. Throughout the week we watched as Janelle started to catch on to more and more members of Memphis’ alliance. The only one that wasn’t pinpointed was Memphis himself and he knew that Janelle knowing this information could be dangerous to their game, but still decided to keep the noms the same after winning this week’s POV.

Now, Kaysar and Janelle have been working hard to get NicA the votes to stay. One of the biggest problems is that Janelle and Kaysar are not the most trusted HGs inside the Big Brother house right now. This hurt NicA chances of staying in the house more than anything and she attempted to disassociate herself from the duo. Unfortunately, no one trusts that NicA won’t go back to Janelle and Kaysar if they keep her.

For that reason, I do believe that NicA will be evicted tonight on Big Brother. However, I will add that for the last couple of days, NicA has gotten some of the HGs to agree to keep her if Memphis agrees to break the tie in her favor. Just before the feeds went down, Memphis spoke to NicA and told her that if she can get it to a tie, he will 90% vote to keep her. Problem is, the few people that NicA gave this information to, don’t believe that’s really the case. Do I think that if Memphis confirms it with them himself that this will change NicA’s fate? No, no I don’t.

Make sure you come back later today to find out who is evicted on Big Brother 22!

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