Tyler set his sights on Janelle and Kaysar this week on Big Brother 22 and Cody sealed the deal when he went on to win the Power of Veto for week 3. Tonight either Janelle or Kaysar will be voted out of the Big Brother All-Stars house. Keep reading to find out who I think will be evicted right here with my Big Brother eviction prediction!

This article will contain Big Brother 22 spoilers from this week’s live feeds! If you don’t want to know what’s been going on inside the BB house, do NOT read ahead! 

Ok, now that the spoiler alert is out there, let’s get down to business!

This week Tyler put Janelle and Kaysar up with the hopes that the noms would stay the same. His target this week is Janelle because the house is worried that if the next twist is something America votes on, Janelle would win it.

Janelle has been campaigning like crazy and making sure to point out that she is a huge target and it would be stupid to get rid of her. She is also making sure that everyone knows that she isn’t coming after them, there is only one person she is targeting and that’s Nicole.

Cody and Enzo have started to think that it might be good to keep Janelle around to take out Nicole for them because they aren’t going to want to do it. However, Cody is worried that if Janelle stays, Nicole might flip out and he doesn’t want to face her wrath. Bay, Day, and Kevin have all decided that they will be voting to keep Janelle this week, but they still need three more people to help. Even if Cody and Enzo vote with them, they will still be short one vote.

However, there was a conversation between Cody and Dani last night about throwing hinky votes to pin on Bay and Day. If Cody really wanted to keep Janelle, he could agree to throw a hinky vote to trick Dani into also doing it which would keep Janelle in the house. It’s a risky move and highly unlikely, but that would probably be the only way to save Janelle this week.

So time for my prediction…I predict that Cody continues to be too afraid of Nicole becoming more annoying and decide to stick to the plan of keeping Kaysar in the house. This means that Janelle will have to say good-bye to her fellow HGs and the likelihood of a Battle Back are slim due to all the information that Julie gave to Nicole A during her exit interview last week. Unless of course, they reveal some sort of reset or some other twist right after the vote is announced that allows Janelle to stay, which is always a possibility. **Fingers crossed**

Come back tonight to find out who is evicted from the Big Brother house right here with our Live Recap starting at 8/7 PM CT!

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