It is Eviction Day in the Big Brother 22 house and at the end of the night, we will watch as Bay or Day is evicted. Read on to get some additional information from the Big Brother live feeds and find out who I think will be going home this week on Big Brother All-Stars. Keep in mind, this post will contain Big Brother spoilers so don’t read on if you don’t want to know!

Okay so this week has been a bit of a roller coaster, but I think that the writing is on the walls with this one. Bay and Day were nominated for eviction this week. Neither of them was able to pull out a win at this week’s POV competition, however, there had been some hope.

After Christmas went on to win this week’s POV comp, it was assumed that she would keep the noms the same. Bay is her target this and most of the HGs agreed that Bay was more of a physical threat in the house. Then Tyler came to Bay and Day very emotional and told them that he was sorry. He told them that he felt like he was the reason they were both on them were on the block. He added that he was attempting to sabotage his own game, but managed to sabotage theirs instead.

Confused, Bay and Day asked him why he would sabotage his own game and he told them that he had been struggling and was really hoping that someone would catch on and send him home. He told them that he would go to Christmas and ask to be put up in place of one of them, but Christmas ultimately decided not to do that. Which leads us into tonight’s eviction episode.

Due to the fact that Bay is more of a physical threat and everyone is convinced she would come after them if she won HOH, it looks like Bay will be the one evicted tonight.

Stay tuned for my live recap coming up later tonight at 8/7c! After tonight’s eviction show, CBS has confirmed that tonight’s endurance HOH will be played on the live feeds and I will be recapping that live as well!

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