It is Eviction Day in the Big Brother house! We have Ian who is a former winner and Tyler who is a runner up and AFP sitting next to each other on the block. It’s that time of the day where I share with you who I think will be leaving the Big Brother 22 house. This post will contain Big Brother Spoilers from the live feeds so if you don’t want to see spoilers, don’t read ahead!

This week has caused a much-needed stir inside the Big Brother 22 house. Dani won HOH and had her nominees and target set going into this week’s Nomination Ceremony, unfortunately for her, her target for week 6 had a power in his back pocket. Shortly after she put Kevin and David next to each other, David was able to pull himself off the block and Dani named Tyler the replacement nom.

Dani’s next plan was to take Tyler out after he blew up her game last week with Day and Bay. If noms stayed the same, there was a tiny chance that still would have happened, but Day went on to win the POV and used it to say her friend and ally, Kevin from the threat of eviction. At that point, Dani named Ian the replacement nom for week 6 and he and Tyler became final noms for the week.

Now, Dani’s target shifted to Ian from Tyler after her alliance, The Committee, talked her into targeting Ian because he was not part of their alliance. Unfortunately for Dani, she was in an alliance with Ian and Nicole. There was a small chance that because Tyler was such a physical threat that Day, Kevin, and David would want him out, but they are convinced that Ian is working with the core four. They really have a terrible read on the house.

Due to the fact that Day, David, and Kevin think Ian is closer to the core four alliance than Tyler is, they have decided to vote out Ian this week. They also think that they are flipping the vote because Dani had them all convinced that Tyler was her target. Nicole has been trying to get people to admit to Ian that they are voting him out tonight so that she can claim that she has to vote with the house. However, no one is telling him except for Memphis.

We can definitely expect to see Ian leave the Big Brother 22 house tonight and head to the jury house. Ian has been telling everyone in the house that he plans to quit if he goes to jury this week and has also made it very known that if he doesn’t quit, anyone who votes to evict him will not get his vote in the end. I’m not sure how he is going to manage that when he is voted out 8-0 tonight, but we shall see.

Make sure you come back tonight for my live recap to see what happens and I’ll have HOH results for you too!

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