It is Eviction Day in the Big Brother 22 house and tonight we will watch, not one, but three HGs leave and join the Big Brother All-Stars jury. Based on talks inside the house, I have a pretty good idea whether or not David or Kevin will be the first HG to leave tonight. Find out who I think it will be below. This post will contain Big Brother spoilers, so if you don’t want to know what’s been going on inside the Big Brother house, don’t read ahead!

This week we watched as Cody went on to win this week’s HOH competition. The competition also allowed for the HGs to compete for cash with a $10k prize on the table to anyone who wanted to play for it. Dani and Tyler tied for first on that side of the comp and split the prize money. Cody then went on to make his nominations for the week and put Kevin and David on the block with Kevin being his main target. Due to his close relationship with Day and all the information she had, Cody found that Kevin knew too much to stay in the house.

This week’s POV Comp allowed for the competitors to win $10k also and David took advantage of that and went for the money during the first round of the OTEV competition. Cody went on to win the POV competition also locking David and Kevin in as his final noms for Week 8.

Now, after David went for the money instead of the POV, the HGs were pretty upset that David seemed to be comfortable on the block. Dani, Memphis, Christmas, and Enzo all talked about how they almost wanted to vote David out this week for making a rookie mistake of feeling too comfortable.

Will that actually happen this week on Big Brother 22? I don’t think so. I think that Kevin will go first as planned and David will be kept around for a little while longer. I think that after Kevin goes tonight, there is going to be a pretty good chance that Dani and Chrismtas could also see the block during the first-ever Triple Eviction.

Make sure you come back tonight to find out which three HGs will be evicted during my live recap. I will also have HOH spoilers for Week 9 of Big Brother!

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