It is Big Brother finale night and tonight we will watch as one of these three houseguests is crowned the winner of Big Brother All-Stars. Earlier, I asked you all to let me know which of these three HGs you think will win and now it’s time for me to give you my prediction! This article will contain Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds, so if you don’t want to know, don’t read on.

This article will contain Big Brother spoilers from the Big Brother 22 live feeds.

Well, ladies and gents, we have made it to finale night! Tonight we will watch as Enzo, Cody, or Nicole are crowned the winner of Big Brother 22. But first, we will get to watch as Cody dominated Enzo in Round 2 of the final HOH. Based on what Nicole and Enzo were talking about yesterday on the live feeds, it only took Cody 4 minutes to complete Round 2 which is why Enzo was so upset after he lost.

Tonight we will watch as Nicole and Cody face-off in Round 3 of the final HOH and whoever wins will be able to choose who they are taking to F2. This shouldn’t come to anyone’s surprise, but they plan to take each other, which means that Enzo will end up taking third place again.

With that all being said, with Cody and Nicole sitting in the F2, the jury is going to have to decide whether or not Cody or Nicole is deserving of the $500,000 grand prize. In my personal opinion, I think that Cody should win this hands down. Cody has won several competitions all season, played a great social game, had the support of not only a large alliance but also had several smaller alliances also.

Based on what we have seen from the jury house, and I’m aware that it is heavily edited, the jury has talked about how the deciding factor for them would be who cuts Cody. So what happens if no one cuts Cody? I believe that he will win this hands down if he is sitting next to Nicole in F2.

Now, if by some miracle Cody wins Round 3 and decides not to take Nicole and takes Enzo instead, this might have a different outcome. Enzo has played an amazing social game and even though he didn’t win a lot of competitions, he was the only person to not be evicted by The Committee, whose members steamrolled through the first half of the game. I do think that Enzo would have a shot at beating Cody or Nicole, but I’m not holding my breath.

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