Tonight we watched another one of the Big Brother All-Stars was evicted from the Big Brother 22 house. If you missed what happened on Thursday’s episode, you can find my live recap right here for all the details. Otherwise, you can find out which HG was evicted below!

Week after week we watch as the nominees battle it out in POV with hopes of being able to take themselves off the block. Unfortunately this week, neither David nor Nicole Anthony could save themselves and one of them had to say goodbye. Here are how the votes landed tonight on Big Brother 22:

  • Tyler – Nicole A
  • Enzo – David
  • Christmas – Nicole A
  • Kevin – David
  • Janelle – Nicole A
  • Da’Vonne – Nicole A
  • Kaysar – Nicole A
  • Bayleigh – Nicole A
  • Cody – Nicole A
  • Ian – Nicole A
  • Nicole F – Nicole A
  • Dani – Nicole A

With a vote of 10-2, Nicole Anthony has been evicted from the Big Brother 22 house. It was interesting to see that her own supporters didn’t vote to keep her. It was very interesting to see Enzo vote to keep her. I’m guessing that it was a sympathy vote and probably cleared before the vote actually took place.

It was an interesting vote for sure! Stay tuned for our HOH comp results coming up soon! I will have Safety Suite and Nomination spoilers tomorrow, POV comp spoilers on Saturday, and POV Meeting spoilers for you on Monday. Make sure you come back to get them all!

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