Another Thursday down, another HG evicted from the Big Brother 22 house. Last week we watched as Christmas won the HOH and nominated Da’Vonne and Bayleigh for eviction. After also winning the POV, her noms were locked in place and they were both sitting next to each other on eviction night. Keep reading to find out which of them were evicted this week on Big Brother right here with our Big Brother spoilers!

This week has been filled with a crazy amount of ups and downs. After being nominated for eviction and failing to win this week’s Power of Veto competition, there was a shred of light at the end of Bay and Day’s tunnel. Tyler came to them and told them that he didn’t want to be there, he has been sabotaging their game and other’s games in hopes that someone would have called him out and targeted him because he no longer wanted to be in the house.

Tyler then went to Christmas and asked her to use the POV and renom him so that he can go home. He was planning on having a house meeting to explain this to the rest of the house. That was until Christmas caught wind that Bay still had it out for him and Christmas felt it wasn’t fair for Tyler to sacrifice his game for her.

That and more led us here, to eviction night, where we watched as everyone in the Big Brother house voted to evict either Bay or Day from the house. Here are how the votes landed:

  • Dani – Bayleigh
  • Ian – Bayleigh
  • Cody – Bayleigh
  • Enzo – Bayleigh
  • Tyler – Bayleigh
  • David – Bayleigh
  • Memphis – Bayleigh
  • Nicole – Bayleigh
  • Kevin – Bayleigh

There you have it with the second unanimous vote of the season, Bayleigh has been evicted from the Big Brother 22 house. Stay tuned for our Live HOH results coming up soon!

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