After Christmas was evicted last week on Big Brother 22, we watched as Nicole went on to win Round 1 of the final HOH competition of the year. Tonight we watched Round 2 play out which took place in the house on Saturday and then watched as the winner of R2 faced off against Nicole for their chance at winning the Final HOH competition. Find out who won the final round, who they took to F2, and which Big Brother All-Star won this year’s grand prize right here with our Big Brother spoilers!

The first competition we saw tonight was Round 2 of the final HOH where Enzo and Cody competed for their spot in Round 3. Enzo really wanted to win this and secure his spot in the final round because he knew that if he didn’t, there was no way of him making it to F2. He felt that if he could at least get himself a spot in R3, he had a pretty good chance at beating Nicole and being able to choose who he was going to sit next to.

Unfortunately for Enzo, Cody went on to win R2 of the final HOH which meant that R3 was going to be Cody versus Nicole. In R3 of the final HOH, they had to answer questions using cardboard cutouts of the evicted HGs. They then had to walk across a balance beam pushing hog faces out of the way. When they got to the other side, they had to take a picture of their answer, but they couldn’t have any piece of the hog in their picture. Cody ended up winning that comp with a time of 4:49 compared to Enzo’s 37:38 time.

In the final, Cody and Nicole had to answer questions about a video featuring each jury member. After eight questions, Cody had a perfect score of 8 and Nicole had a score of 7, which means that Cody went on to win the final HOH. He then had to choose which F2 deal he was going to stick by. After a commercial break, Julie tells Cody it’s time for his decision and he shocked America by evicting Nicole and taking Enzo to F2!

After the jury asked their questions, it was time for Enzo and Cody to make their final speeches. when they were finished, the Jury Members cast their votes, and here are how the votes landed:

  1. Ian – Cody
  2. Da’Vonne – Cody
  3. Kevin – Cody
  4. David – Cody
  5. Dani – Cody
  6. Tyler – Cody
  7. Memphis – Cody
  8. Christmas – Cody
  9. Nicole F – Cody

After Dani’s vote, Cody is officially named the winner of Big Brother 22! A big congratulations to Da’Vonne who also won a prize tonight. With over 1,000,000 votes, she took the title of America’s Favorite Houseguest for Big Brother All-Stars!

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