It is Eviction Day inside the Big Brother 23 house and as we saw on Wednesday’s show, Hannah and Whitney are the final nominees for Week 4. Each of the nominees has had a chance to talk to their fellow Big Brother houseguests and pitch their reasons to stay, but who will be evicted on Big Brother 2021? Let’s recap the week and you can let me know which one you think will be heading home tonight by voting in my poll below!

We started this week off after Brent was evicted from the Big Brother house and the remaining HGs went to the backyard to compete in a team HOH competition. The HGs had to put together a puzzle and the last HG from their team to hit the button with the puzzle correctly put together went on to become the HOH. Christian ended up accidentally winning this competition because the Kings didn’t completely understand the rules of the comp. The Kings ended up safe for the week thanks to Christian’s HOH win.

The rest of the teams then had to choose one person to compete in the final Wildcard Competition of the week. Whitney and Claire were the only houseguests eligible from their teams. The Jokers had to choose between Azah and DF and they decided that Azah would play because she had the best shot at winning against Whitney and Claire. Claire went on to win this competition and was told that she could either save her whole team for the week or she can have individual safety until Jury. Claire decided to take the safety for herself for the next two weeks.

Christian then went on to put his target on the block next to one of her teammates. Hannah and Whitney were nominated and at first, Hannah was the target, but that later shifted to Whitney. Christian, Hannah, and Whitney were joined by Azah, DX, and Claire in this week’s POV competition. Claire had no incentive to win this week because she is already safe until Jury, Azah wanted to win because she knew if the POV was used this week she was likely a renom option, and DX wanted to win it so that he could decide the fate of his teammates. However, Christian went on to win that as well and kept his noms in place which is where we are now.

Who do you think will be evicted Week 4 of Big Brother 23? Vote below and be on the lookout for my prediction coming later today!

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