It is Eviction Day inside the Big Brother 23 house, but it’s not just any Eviction Day, it’s Double Eviction Day! The Big Brother 2021 houseguests have been speculating about this for weeks and it’s finally here. Let’s recap the week and you can tell me who you think will be evicted first in tonight’s Double Eviction on Big Brother!

After we said goodbye to Sarah Beth last week, Tiffany went on to win this week’s Head of Household competition. This had a lot of the Cookout members questioning Tiffany and wondering what she was going to do since the plan was for her not to win this week’s HOH comp since Claire was the intended target.

Tiffany went on to name Alyssa and Xavier as her nominees for the week and Alyssa was her target. She was really hoping that she wouldn’t have to name a third nominee, since Claire is the only one left outside the Cookout alliance and she is one of her closest friends in the house. Tiffany’s worst-case scenario ended up playing out when Alyssa went on to win this week’s Power of Veto competition and obviously took herself off the block.

Tiffany was forced to put Claire up and explained to her that she couldn’t morally have a hand in sending Xavier, Hannah, Kyland, Azah, or Derek home. Much to everyone’s surprise, Tiffany went forward with nominating Claire after Alyssa pulled herself off the block.

That leads us to where we are now. Xavier and Claire are on the block going into the first eviction of the night. Who do you think will be the first one evicted? Let me know by voting in the poll below and be on the lookout for my prediction post coming up later!

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