It’s Thursday which means tonight on Big Brother 23 we will watch as the houseguests vote to evict one of their own for the first time. It’s been a crazy week, but this eviction should be fairly cut and dry. Based on information coming from the Big Brother live feeds, signs all point to a unanimous vote, however, there are things brewing inside the Big Brother house that could change that. Keep reading for my eviction prediction!

WARNING: This post will contain Big Brother spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds. If you don’t want to see any spoilers, DO NOT read ahead!

It’s been a heck of a week on Big Brother 23 with Frenchie as the Head of Household! Alyssa and Travis are on the block with Travis being the target this week. Everyone is planning to vote out Travis, but we could see some rogue voting going on depending on who follows through.

The first person to mention voting to evict Alyssa was Derek F in a conversation with Xavier. Derek F had a conversation with Xavier the other day and mentioned wanting to throw a vote to evict Alyssa out there so that they can pin it on Derek X. Xavier told him that they might not have to do that because Derek X is on Travis’s team and he might vote to keep him anyway. Derek X made it quite clear that he does not plan to vote to evict Alyssa because it would be too dangerous for him to do so.

There was also a conversation between Frenchie and Tiffany on the Big Brother live feeds Wednesday. Frenchie asked Tiffany to throw a rogue vote to evict Alyssa so that they can use it to target Derek X next week. Tiffany was skeptical about doing this but told him that she would under one condition. Alyssa and Derek X could never know that it was Tiffany who did it and Frenchie assured her that no one would know it was her.

So while tonight should be a unanimous vote to evict Travis, there could be some rogue votes thrown out there to pin on other people. The problem is if Derek F and Tiffany both throw out rogue votes, not only will Derek X be pinned with one but so will Kyland. Make sure you come back tonight to watch as Travis is evicted and see whether or not Tiffany and Derek F go through with their rogue votes!

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