Considering everything that has happened inside the Big Brother house since the premiere two weeks ago, this week’s eviction should be pretty predictable. Read on if you want to know who I think will be evicted from the Big Brother 23 house and why. If you haven’t had a chance to vote in our Eviction Poll, you can do so right here to let me know who you think will be evicted tonight on Big Brother!

This post will contain Big Brother spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds. If you don’t want to know what’s been going on, do NOT read ahead! 

As we know, Kyland is in the HOH and he has nominated Frenchie and Britini for eviction with Frenchie being the house’s target. I say the house’s target because Kyland had no idea what he was going to do going into this week. However, when his fellow houseguests came to him and shared their concerns with one of the other HGs and an ally to a lot of them, he knew what he had to do.

Kyland decided that he was going to nominate Frenchie because that’s what everyone else in the house wanted, well everyone except for Britini. Britini was the only one that didn’t mention Frenchie’s name to Kyland during their one-on-ones. This made Kyland realize that the only people in the house that Britini was going to be loyal to are the members of the Jokers, more specifically, Frenchie.

Frenchie was really upset when he was not only nominated alongside Britini but also when he couldn’t pull off a win in this week’s POV competition. He said he planned to use it on Britini, but knowing how big of a superfan he is, I doubt that he would have followed through. He did however try to convince Kyland and Derek X, this week’s POV winner, to use it on Britini so that he could have someone else on the block with him.

This was because he knew he wasn’t going to campaign against Britini and he wanted to have a fighting chance. He did very little campaigning for himself to stay, but stuck to his word and didn’t say anything negative about Britini. However, the house is still pretty ticked off at him for his HOH reign and his former Slaughterhouse alliance members are upset about him blowing up the alliance.

Tonight Frenchie will be evicted from the Big Brother house and as of right now, he will only receive one vote to stay and that will be from Derek F. Derek F told Kyland that he promised Frenchie he wouldn’t vote him out and he is a man of his word. He added that he refuses to “vote with the house.” I also want to point out that as of right now, 91.9% of you who voted in my eviction poll also think that Frenchie will be evicted tonight.

Be sure to come back and watch the live eviction show with me coming up tonight at 8/7c on CBS!

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