It is Eviction Day inside the Big Brother 23 house and tonight we will say goodbye to either Brent or Britini. The house is in agreeance as to who they need to say goodbye to, but this week’s target on Big Brother 2021 thinks they have the votes to stay. Read on to catch up on all the Big Brother spoilers and find out who I think will be evicted tonight on Big Brother.

Inside the Big Brother house and on the live feeds, we have watched as the rest of the Big Brother houseguests have lied to Brent all week. They have told him that he is not the target and they plan to keep him in the house. He is even convinced that he has votes from DF and Azah who are Britini’s teammates and closest allies in the house. At this point, Brent is sure that he is going to be staying with a 9-2 vote this week, but in reality, Brent will likely be evicted unanimously.

Brent did find out that he was Xavier’s target this week when Xavier challenged Brent in the POV comp after Britini had been eliminated. Alyssa also told him that she had a feeling that Brent was the target after a conversation that happened inside the HOH room. She didn’t give too many details of the conversation, just that it gave her a feeling that Brent was the real target.

She and Brent then started counting the votes and she told him that he has the votes from her, Sarah Beth, and Christian. He said that he has the votes from his teammates, Hannah, Whitney, and DX which are all the votes he needs to stay in the house this week. Just a reminder that his teammates actually threw competitions this week to ensure that Brent wouldn’t be safe and could be targeted.

He did his campaigning yesterday and felt like everyone would vote for him to stay except for two HGs and that this was going to go down as the biggest blindside. He even asked Britini, of all people, when he would get his suitcase back after the live eviction show.

Needless to say, everyone inside the Big Brother house is pretty annoyed with Brent and his inconsiderate comments and behaviors inside the house. He will be evicted tonight by a unanimous vote of 11-0. Make sure you come back later tonight for my full recap, eviction spoilers for week 3, and HOH spoilers for week 4!

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