After a cliffhanger left Big Brother 23 viewers wondering if Derek X would go through with the plan to backdoor Christian after Britini removed herself from the block. Anyone who watches the Big Brother 2021 live feeds or reads my Big Brother spoilers, knows the answer to this question already. Keep reading if you want to know who was put on the block next to Sarah Beth this week and who I think will be going home.

So as we know, the plan this week was to put Britini and SB on the block as pawns, and DX’s plan after that was for one of them to come down and Christian to be renom’d in their place. As we saw on last night’s episode of Big Brother 23, Christian wasn’t going up without fighting for his Big Brother life beforehand.

Prior to the Veto Meeting, Christian went into the Storage Room where DX was getting ready for the Veto Meeting and pleaded his case. He told DX that he is the biggest shield in the house and once he is gone, people will come after DX because he is as big of a comp threat. He told him that SB would be better off on the block next to Derek F or any of the former Jokers and explained that if he keeps Christian off the block this week that he wouldn’t be coming after him.

We all know the part about not coming after DX is a lie and apparently so did DX because he decided to put Christian up in Britini’s place at this week’s Veto Meeting. We will see this unfold along with all of Christian and SB’s campaigning tonight before the live vote and eviction take place.

Right before the feeds went down for tech rehearsals, Christian brought a deal to Hannah that he wouldn’t target Hannah or DX if he stays and wins HOH tonight. He tells her that he will even let them run his HOH this week if that means that he can stay in the house. Tiffany has Christian convinced that SB is America’s Player and Kyland knows this and is in on some secret duo twist so he is using this as a reason why they should not keep SB in the house because her making jury means that she will get a huge check at the end of the season.

As it stands right now, Christian will be evicted tonight on Big Brother unless DX takes this deal and tells Tiffany, Claire, and Azah, or Britini that they can vote to keep him. I don’t think it will make a difference, but we will see what happens later on tonight! In the meantime, let me know who you think will be evicted right here:

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