It is Eviction Day inside the Big Brother 23 house and tonight we will not only say goodbye to another houseguest, but they will also become the first Jury member for Big Brother 2021! Last night’s episode of Big Brother left us with a little bit of a cliffhanger, but if you would like to know what happened at this week’s Veto Ceremony and who is likely going to be evicted tonight, you can find out here with our Big Brother spoilers!

Let’s start where last night’s episode left off, as we know, regardless of Britini mentioning their deal, Kyland had a plan in place going into this week’s Veto Ceremony. Alyssa decided not to use her Veto and then Kyland used his to take Claire off the block, in hopes of gaining trust and then replaced Claire with Britini on the block. That made Derek F and Britini the final nominees for Week 6 of Big Brother.

Derek F has known the whole time that he is just a pawn, but he was a little nervous about some of the houseguests and where their votes might land. He noticed Alyssa and Sarah Beth talking for a pretty long period of time, but Kyland promised that neither of them planned to keep Britini over DF this week.

There was a short period of time throughout the week where Claire had convinced Derek X that keeping Britini was better for their game and an even shorter period where Tiffany and Hannah believed that to be true also. However, in the end, we will see Britini get evicted tonight and she will become the first jury member for Big Brother 23.

Let me know who you think will be heading to the Jury house after tonight’s live vote and eviction right here:

Make sure you come back tonight to find out who was evicted tonight and who went on to win the Week 7 HOH!

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