Week 7 of Big Brother 23 is coming to a close tonight with another houseguest being evicted. Tonight either Claire or Derek X will be evicted from the house and join Britini in the Big Brother 2021 Jury house. Who will it be? Find out who I think will be evicted from the Big Brother house right here with my eviction prediction!

This article will contain Big Brother spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds. If you don’t want any spoilers, do NOT read ahead! 

This week has been a rollercoaster for Derek X as he went from feeling confident that Sarah Beth wouldn’t target him, to being backdoored at this week’s Veto Ceremony. Unfortunately for DX, he trusted Hannah and allowed her to talk him out of playing in this week’s High Roller’s Room twist and he made himself vulnerable.

Claire and DX have been working hard to rally votes. The Cookout knows that keeping DX isn’t what’s best for the group, but a few of its members would really like to keep him around for the betterment of their personal game. Tiffany, Kyland, and Hannah all have a close connection with DX and know that if he is in the house, he will work with them.

Xavier and Alyssa will in no way vote to keep DX after he backdoored Christian just two weeks ago. Derek F is upset with DX for trying to flip the vote on him last week, but Claire was also a part of the attempt. Azah would like to keep DX, but she is worried that she will upset DF by doing so.

SB has made it very clear to Kyland and DX that her opinion on this vote has not changed and she would still like to see DX leave. She however doesn’t have a vote in the matter. Kyland has tried to convince her to change her mind, but he has also said that he would throw DX a sympathy vote as long as SB gave him the green light. In order for her to do that, she would have to be convinced that the vote was going to be 7-0 or 6-1.

With all this being said, SB does think that she controls the vote and that DX will be evicted by a very large margin. This means that she would give Kyland the green light to vote to keep DX. She has already given Hannah the green light to vote for him since that is her person. Tiffany says that she would vote to keep DX also. That means that he would just have to convince Azah to flip her vote before tonight’s eviction.

As of right now, DX hasn’t had a chance to really talk to Azah today so as of right now my prediction is that DX will not have the votes to stay and will become the second juror of BB23. Based on the results of my poll from earlier, 66% of you agree that DX will be evicted tonight.

Are you hoping for a vote flip in DX’s favor? Or are you okay with him leaving tonight?

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