Another Eviction Day is upon us on Big Brother 23 and tonight we will watch as the houseguests vote to evict either Kyland or Sarah Beth. What a week it’s been inside the Big Brother 2021 house. If you have missed out on any of the drama, make sure you get all caught up with my Big Brother spoilers. In the meantime, find out what’s happened so far today inside the house and who I think will be evicted from the house tonight.

Sarah Beth started the day today with a talk with Tiffany where she tried to explain the reasons she made certain moves in this game and why she said certain things to certain people. She told Tiffany that the reason she told her about Alyssa mentioning Claire’s name because she knew that Tiffany was close to Claire and that Tiffany would let her know what was going on.

SB told Tiffany that she knows one of Tiffany’s biggest concerns with SB is that she isn’t sure how long SB would keep Tiffany around. SB tells Tiffany that she is prepared to make a F3 deal with her and Claire. Tiffany tells her that in this game she needs a shield and SB tells her that she could be that shield because everyone would come after her. Tiffany added that SB was very convincing and asked her what everyone else has been saying.

Tiffany did also tell her that she is worried that if the other HGs to come after her, they would also come after Tiffany and Claire for working with her. SB says that no one would know they were working together because they could play it off as they voted Kyland out because they were more worried about him being in the house.

Tiffany also mentioned that if it was her, Claire, and SB versus Xavier, Alyssa, and Hannah, they would have to win every HOH and POV. SB tells her that even if Kyland stayed, he wouldn’t take a shot at Xavier because he sees Xavier as someone he can beat in the end. After her talk with SB she went and talked to Kyland and told Kyland that he is lucky he is in the six because she would be voting to keep SB right now if he wasn’t.

Now, I don’t think that SB’s conversation with Tiffany will change anything and the writing is still on the wall for SB. I do believe that Sarah Beth will still be voted out tonight and become the third member of the Big Brother 23 Jury.

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