As we all know, tonight is Double Eviction night inside the Big Brother 23 house and the first eviction will be between either Claire or Xavier. This should be a pretty straightforward eviction since Xavier is a member of the Cookout, however, Claire isn’t going out without a fight. Read on to find out what I think will happen during the first eviction of the night and which Big Brother 2021 houseguest I think will go to Jury. Keep in mind, that this post will contain Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds so if you don’t want to know what’s been happening on the live feeds, don’t read on.

This week we have watched Tiffany’s second HOH in a row completely spiral out of her control. She knew that she didn’t need to win the HOH, but decided that she didn’t want to see Kyland win another one so she fought for it anyways. She nominated Xavier and Alyssa with Alyssa being her target, but Claire was supposed to be the Cookout’s target this week. We knew that with Tiffany in the HOH, the likelihood of Claire going on the block was slim.

But then, Alyssa went on to win the Power of Veto Competition and guaranteed that she would be safe this week which we saw in last night’s episode. What we didn’t see in last night’s episode was Tiffany pitching to Alyssa that she should use the POV on Xavier instead of herself in order to keep both of them safe this week. Yes, you read that correctly. Tiffany told Alyssa that no matter what everyone was telling her, Xavier is not safe this week. She told Alyssa that if she used the Veto on Xavier, she would renominate Kyland and Kyland would be the one to go this week.

Alyssa wasn’t falling for this because Alyssa truly thinks that she had made Tiffany think this when in reality, Tiffany knows that Xavier is fine this week. She was just trying to keep Claire off the block and had no intentions of actually sending Kyland to jury this week, she was going to put up Derek and send Alyssa to Jury instead.

Since Tiffany’s plan to get Alyssa to use the Veto on Xavier didn’t pan out, Claire will be evicted first during tonight’s Double Eviction. Who are you hoping to see win the HOH after Claire is evicted? Who would you like to see follow Claire out of the Big Brother house?

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