Tonight on Big Brother 23 we said goodbye to the first evicted houseguest of the summer. Thursday’s episode of Big Brother started off with the reactions of the Power of Veto Ceremony and went right into the live vote and eviction. Each houseguest voted to evict either Alyssa or Travis and at the end of the night, one of them was greeted by Julie on the Big Brother stage. Keep reading to find out who was evicted in week one of Big Brother 2021!

This week we had Frenchie in the HOH room and before he could even nominate anyone, the HGs were faced with a twist. The Wildcard Competition was introduced to the HGs right before the Nomination Ceremony took place.

Unfortunately for Frenchie, his number one target for the week, Christian, went on to win that competition which forced Frenchie to change his plan for nominations. At the Nomination Ceremony, Frenchie nominated Alyssa and Kyland for eviction. He evicted Kyland because he wanted to have an ally play in the Power of Veto Competition and he nominated Alyssa as a way to get to Christian since he was safe for the week.

The plan going into the Power of Veto Competition was to use the veto on one of the nominees and renom Derek X for eviction. This plan was put into place after Frenchie found out the information he used in his decision to nominate Alyssa was fabricated by Derek X and most of it wasn’t accurate or was exaggerated in some way.

Frenchie had another unlucky day when Derek X went on to win this week’s Power of Veto Competition guaranteeing his safety for the week. Derek X still used the Veto to safe Kyland forcing Frenchie to renom Travis.

That leads us into Thursday’s live vote and eviction! The HGs one by one placed their votes and this is how they voted:

  • Sarah Beth – Travis
  • Xavier – Travis
  • Whitney – Travis
  • Christian – Travis
  • Azah – Travis
  • Derek F – Alyssa
  • Kyland – Travis
  • Tiffany – Alyssa
  • Derek X – Travis
  • Claire – Travis
  • Hannah – Travis
  • Britini – Travis
  • Brent – Travis

With a vote of 2-11, Travis has been evicted from the Big Brother 23 house! Make sure you check out my Big Brother spoilers for the results of tonight’s HOH competition!

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