Tonight we said goodbye to another Big Brother 23 houseguest and officially start our road to finale night! If you missed Thursday night’s eviction show, get all the details with our Big Brother 2021 live recap. Otherwise, keep reading my Big Brother spoilers to find out which houseguest was evicted!

Tonight’s episode was full of Derek going back and forth between his decision to vote Kyland or Azah out of the house, even though it wasn’t guaranteed that it would be him making the decision. Xavier mentioned numerous times that he would pull Azah off the block and let her vote Kyland out if he felt that Derek couldn’t get the job done.

We then got a look at the Jury house and the Jury’s reaction to Tiffany and then Hannah walking into the Jury house. Tiffany was able to come clean about the Cookout and their mission, she even told them all that she was the one that came up with the master plan of keeping their duos in the house. After watching Hannah’s video, the jurors were left unimpressed by her one chance at power.

After getting a look at Derek’s struggle with his decision throughout the week and the jury segment, it was time for the live veto meeting! Here is what happened:

  • Xavier decided not to use the Veto
  • Azah and Kyland remained the nominees
  • Derek became the sole vote for Week 11 of Big Brother.

After this, Azah and Kyland gave Derek their eviction speeches and Derek made his decision. Derek decided to evict Kyland and Kyland was not happy about not getting a heads up before the eviction. Kyland doesn’t leave without a fight though and brings up Xavier’s nephew as he is walking out the door. He suggests that this move isn’t something that his nephew would respect and that Xavier is supposed to be someone for his nephew, Kobe, to look up to. Things got really heated, but Kyland did eventually leave the house without incident.

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