Tonight on Big Brother 23, the houseguests voted whether they wanted to evict Frenchie or Britini from the Big Brother house. If you missed tonight’s episode of Big Brother, check out my full recap right here for all the details. Otherwise, you can find out who was evicted from the Big Brother house right here!

Kyland won the HOH last week and the rest of the Big Brother 23 houseguests told him that they were concerned with Frenchie and his erratic gameplay. After Frenchie was put on the block alongside Britini, Frenchie did exactly what the other HGs thought he would do. He spilled the beans on his Slaughterhouse alliance, exposing all of the members except for Xavier and Derek F. Blowing up the game of everyone he claimed to want to work with. This didn’t help his chances of convincing the others to keep him inside the house.

After campaigning to the house and explaining that he would be a huge shield for the others because he will always be a bigger target, Frenchie hoped for a miracle. Did he get the miracle he needed? Here is how the votes landed:

  • Claire – Frenchie
  • Sarah Beth – Frenchie
  • Xavier – Frenchie
  • Derek F – Britini
  • Christian – Frenchie
  • Whitney – Frenchie
  • Azah – Frenchie
  • Derek X – Frenchie
  • Tiffany – Frenchie
  • Brent – Frenchie
  • Hannah – Frenchie
  • Alyssa – Frenchie

By a vote of 11-1, Frenchie has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Now it’s time to find out which HG will go on to win this week’s HOH competition! Make sure you check out our Big Brother spoilers to find out right here!

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