We have officially concluded Week 4 of Big Brother 23 with the eviction of another house guest. Christian put Hannah and Whitney on the block this week with his target landing on Whitney, but is that how the votes landed on Big Brother 2021 on Thursday night? Find out the results of the eviction vote right here with our Big Brother spoilers!

Christian put Hannah and Whitney on the block this week with his original plan being to target Hannah. After some conversations with various houseguests, Christian decided that maybe Hannah wasn’t coming for him and decided to shift his target to Whitney who had been very vocal about her wanting to target the Kings. Whitney tried to tell Christian that she had no intentions of targeting the Kings, but Christian wasn’t buying what Whitney was trying to sell.

Britini talked to Azah about going back and forth with her decision because she couldn’t understand why they were voting out someone who had no one inside the house. She added that Hannah has relationships with a lot of other houseguests and is probably aligned with a lot of them. She brought up the idea of Whitney maybe staying to Derek F but he wasn’t entertaining the idea and told Britini that Whitney had to go.

Now the HGs have placed their votes and one houseguest was evicted from the Big Brother house.  Here is how the votes landed for week 4 of Big Brother:

  • Derek F – Whitney
  • Britini – Whitney
  • Azah – Whitney
  • Kyland – Whitney
  • Alyssa – Whitney
  • Sarah Beth – Whitney
  • Claire – Whitney
  • Derek X – Whitney
  • Tiffany – Whitney
  • Xavier – Whitney

Now that Whitney has been evicted from the Big Brother 23 house, the remaining HGs will compete in the first endurance HOH comp of the season! Make sure you check out our Big Brother spoilers for a live recap of tonight’s comp as it happens on the feeds.

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