We have closed out Week 7 of Big Brother 23 with another live vote and eviction! Tonight we watched as the Big Brother 2021 houseguests voted on whether or not they wanted to evict Derek X or Claire, but first, we got a look at each of their campaigns. Find out who became the second member of our Jury right here with our Big Brother spoilers!

Before we got to the live vote, we watched as Derek X tried to rally votes from his fellow houseguests. He told everyone that if he stuck around this week, he would act as a shield, which is pretty true considering he is one of the biggest competitors in the house. He even went as far as warning some of the houseguests that there were people looking to target them once DX was evicted. DX was able to get a few people to say that they wanted him to stay, including Tiffany, Hannah, and even Kyland who was the one who pushed to get DX nominated this week to begin with.

Claire knew she was sitting pretty well in the house so she didn’t do much by way of campaigning this week. However, she did make a pitch to the HGs about why she felt that keeping DX in the house was not best for their game. Everyone already kind of knew that which is why DX was backdoored in the first place.

Was DX able to get the votes to stay in the house this week? Here is how the vote went:

  • Alyssa – Derek X
  • Hannah – Claire
  • Kyland – Claire
  • Derek F – Derek X
  • Tiffany – Derek X
  • Azah – Derek X
  • Xavier – Derek X

With a vote of 5-2, Derek X has been evicted from the Big Brother house and sent to the Jury house.

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