With Big Brother 23 set to premiere on July 7th, we are finally getting little bits and pieces of information about the upcoming season. Unfortunately, we still have nothing regarding the cast for Big Brother 2021, but we do have some information on this season’s twist! Make sure you keep reading for the Big Brother 23 twist and I’ll see you right here throughout the season for all of your Big Brother spoilers!

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The new theme for BB23 is “BB Beach Club.” Executive Producer, Allison Grodner, says that they felt that “after over a year of all of us being locked in our homes, we wanted our house guests to be able to feel like they’re on vacation” There will also be a Vegas vibe this season where the houseguests will be “constantly taking a gamble, being presented many opportunities to weigh risk versus reward.”

Ready to hear about the first twist of BB23? The first twist will be a little familiar to fans. The HGs will be split into four teams of four, but these teams won’t be preset by production. Instead, there will be four captains and these captains will be shown 90-second clips of the rest of the competitors. They will use the info they get out of these clips to pick their teammates.

These teams will stay in place for the first four weeks of the season. They will compete separately in the Head of Household and the winner of the HOH along with their team will have immunity from eviction for the week. From there, the three teams that are in danger of being evicted will nominate one teammate to compete in the “Wildcard Competition.”

Executive Producer, Rich Meehan, says that “For whoever wins, safety is up for grabs, but that safety will always come with a major risk/reward dilemma. So I may win safety, but how I attained that safety might make some people happy and might make some people very upset with me.”

Do you think that the way they set up this twist with the smaller groups that there will be fewer chances for huge alliances to form early on? Let me know!

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