The Big Brother HGs talked a lot about Veto Ceremony plans throughout the day yesterday, but the Veto Ceremony didn’t happen. Christie has been going back and forth about what she wanted to do, but the plan seems to be pretty set as of now. Get all the details of the conversations inside the Big Brother 21 house right here with our Big Brother spoilers!

Christie finally had a chance to talk to Cliff one on one yesterday. Cliff told her that Sam mentioned wanting to use the POV on him at the POV Ceremony. The conversation then switched to Christie asking him about his thoughts on putting Kemi up. Christie mentioned that she was having a hard time with this decision because she didn’t want people to think she was playing someone else’s game. He agreed with Christie that Kemi is a strong player and that getting her out this week would be a good move.

Isabella and Nicole had a conversation about the plan to BD Kemi and while they both like Kemi, they agree that this is a game and it has to be done. Isabella mentioned that the only thing that annoyed her about this was that it seemed like Christie’s HOH went smoothly. She also mentions that she doesn’t plan on doing anything to change that because she doesn’t want to put a target on her back.

Christie had been going back and forth with her decision to BD Kemi over the last couple of days. However, she didn’t even know for sure that Sam was going to use the POV on someone up until her conversation with him yesterday. He confirmed with Christie that he planned on using the POV on Cliff, Christie told him that Kemi was the renom plan and they started talking about their POV Ceremony speeches. Christie wanted to make sure that they meshed well and didn’t want to go with a more serious speech if Sam was going to take the humorous route with his.

Cliff joined this conversation and tells them what he plans on saying in his speech to kind of help them out. They then turn their conversation to Kemi and how she has been jumping into everyone’s conversations or makes it completely obvious that she is listening in on the other HGs conversations. They talk about how her doing that can be dangerous later because she is just soaking everything in.

The backyard opens for the HGs and all the HGs start heading outside. Christie and Sam finish their conversation after Cliff leaves to go out. Sam and Christie talk about how they need to pick some people in their alliance to stick with further down the road. A smaller alliance inside their big group. Christie also mentions in this conversation that she is worried if Cliff wins the HOH that he will put her up. Sam said that Cliff mentioned wanting to put Jessica up if he won and also adds that Cliff wouldn’t have the votes to get Christie out even if he tried.

In the backyard, Sam and Nick talk about who they would target if they won the next HOH. Nick says he might go after Ovi and use Kat as a pawn, but also mentions that he doesn’t want to win anything just yet. Nick mentions that he thinks Jackson would be a big target and wants to let someone else take him out.

Jack and Tommy talked and reaffirmed their F2 and says Christie will be part of their F3 (Tommy also has a F2 with Christie). Kemi talked to Jessica and tells her that she hopes it’s a guy that goes out this round and mentions wanting to keep taking out the guys. Holly and Analyse also talk about Jack and how he has a few different alliances going. Analyse tells Holly that they just have to play along, for now. Holly wants him out sooner rather than later.

Kathryn is paranoid, she keeps talking votes and wonders how many she will need to stay. She is worried that the nominee sitting next to her on eviction night might freak out and get sympathy votes.

Later on, Christie has a conversation with Isabella. She tells Isabella that she feels their alliance is strong, but would really like to see the girls take out the guys. They also talk about Kemi. Christie tells Isabella that she doesn’t have anything against Kemi personally, but she has half the house telling her to get her out. Isabella tells Christie that Kemi loves Christie, but Christie reiterates that she has a bunch of HGs telling her to get Kemi out, so that’s what she is going to do.

Christie and Isabella walked in on Jack talking to Kemi. Kemi wanted to talk to Jack because they haven’t really talked too much. Jack tells her that they can touch base and such and that he is just trying to stay neutral in the game for now. He tells her that he is trying not to play too hard too early on. He tried to get a feel for who Kemi is in with and stuff during this conversation. Kathryn gets wind of them talking and starts freaking out. During this conversation, Jack admits that he is a recruit. and he is okay with people knowing this.

Jackson talks to Kathryn and he tells her that Jack was cornered by Kemi and couldn’t get away. He tells her that she has the votes to stay and she needs to stop freaking out.

Throughout the night, Isabella was working some of the HGs. She is trying to get them to target each other. She tells Nick that Jack thinks he is running the show, Nick tells her to let him think that and that he will get burned in the end for it. Bella tells Nick that Sam is on Jack’s radar and Nick tells her that they should keep Sam and Tommy around so they can take them out later. He also mentions that Christie is annoyed with Jack wanting to target Kemi and says that she would be fine with Sam not using the POV. She tells him that she thinks it’s better to get Kathryn out this week because she is a number for Jack and Nick says that Kemi could be a number for them, but also mentions that Kathryn isn’t going to win anything.

Bella tries to work Tommy too and tells him that Jack is trying to run Christie’s HOH and tells them that keeping Kemi around wouldn’t be bad for their game. She tells Tommy that Kathryn is bad for their game because she is a number for Jack and will do anything Jackson tells her to.

Later on, Jack, Christie, Holly, and Analyse talk. Jack tells Christie what he and Kemi were talking about. He tells Christie that Kemi has no idea that she could be a backdoor target and she didn’t even ask him about the Veto plans. Christie mentions that Kathryn is someone they need to watch. He tells her that Kemi needs to go, but if Christie feels more comfortable with Kathryn going, it’s her call. Christie says that she wants them all on the same page though. Jack tells her to do what’s best for her game and if that’s Kat going so she doesn’t end up with any more blood on her hands, then that’s what needs to be done. Christie then mentions that if she keeps Kemi, she would be doing Isabella a favor.

After all this, the plan is to still BD Kemi, Holly mentions that Kemi is going to take the fall for Isabella and Christie tells her that she would BD Isabella if she was convinced that she didn’t have a secret power.

Just when we thought things might change, they all stay the same! POV Ceremony should be coming up today, maybe tomorrow. No one is really sure. I’ll have the results for you as soon as it happens!

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