The POV Ceremony still hasn’t happened in the Big Brother 21 house and that has the HGs going a little crazy. The paranoia is setting in and the plan is ever changing. Find out what happened in the Big Brother house on Saturday that has the Veto plans being questioned right here with our Big Brother spoilers!

Alliances were shifting all day yesterday and it started pretty early. Jackson started by talking to Cliff and telling him that he would really like to work with him, Holly, and Kathryn going forward.

Meanwhile, Christie was having a conversation with Kemi where Kemi tells her that she heard Kathryn say Christie was her target. After Kemi left the room, Christie talked to Tommy and told him that Kemi isn’t a threat to them and that she needs to talk to Sam about the POV. Moments later, Nick is talking to Sam about how keeping Kemi in the house wouldn’t be bad for their game.

Jackson ended up talking to Jack alone in the HOH room for a bit. Jackson tells him that Kemi talked to Nick and he is trying to flip the vote and trying to convince Christie not to use the POV. This was all stuff Jackson heard from Kathryn and when Kathryn walks into the room, she is having a hard time keeping her story straight. Kathryn feels bad because she thinks that she misunderstood something that Christie said and now Jack thinks that Christie is telling him one thing and telling them another. Jack reiterates to Kathryn that she needs to kill this conversation and can’t mention this to anyone in the house. He tells her it will alienate both of them in this game. She promises not to say anything to anyone about it.

Throughout the day, Kathryn is still worried but Jackson tries to calm her down and warns her that if she keeps acting paranoid, it’s just going to make it worse for her game. Kathryn also talks to Cliff and he helps count the votes with her. He tells her that Kemi will be evicted and should only get a couple of votes to stay. Cliff also mentions that he is worried that they will be pawns going forward. Cliff also tells Jack that he likes the plan to BD Kemi and would hate to see Kathryn go.

Jack and Christie have a conversation. She wants to know what is going on with the vote and the plan to BD Kemi. Christie tells Jack that she wants Kemi out, but is worried that Nick will come after her, but Jack thinks that he and Jackson are going to be the targets. Jack tells Christie that he is completely loyal to Christie and that he will kill him game if that is what needs to happen.

Christie talks to Nick and asks why he isn’t working with their alliance anymore, but he tells her that he is. She tells him that they need to get together and talk. Christie then tells Sam that he can do what he wants with the POV but maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if Kathryn went this week. Sam asks Christie if they would have the votes to get Jack out and she tells him she isn’t sure.

Jack and Jackson have started to catch on that they might not be as close to Christie as they originally thought. Kathryn has been crying on and off all day, Tommy and Jessica have been comforting her. Christie is still going back and forth about what she wants to do at the Veto Ceremony. She tells Jack, Jackson, Analyse, and Holly that she doesn’t want to put Kemi up as a renom, she wants to put Ovi up instead. When Ovi walks in the room, the conversations changes. Meanwhile, Jessica and Nicole are talking and Jessica mentions that she is sorry Ovi will end up going up, but he is the easiest option of the guys in the house.

We ended the night with a conversation between Kemi and Isabella. Kemi says that she hopes the Veto isn’t used. She also started counting votes and points out the F8 alliance with Jack, Jackson, Christie and the rest of them. She tells Isabella that she overheard Jack and Jackson talking about it on Day 2. Kemi tells Isabella that she hops Holly, Jack, or Jackson doesn’t win the next HOH. She also tells Isabella that if she wins the HOH she is going to put Jack and Jackson up together.

The Veto Ceremony should happen today and based on the conversations inside the Big Brother house, it looks like Kemi is going to be safe. Christie is really worried about playing someone else’s game and has decided not to get the blood on her hands for Jack’s sake. Christie has realized that getting rid of Kemi doesn’t do anything for her game and that Kemi could be a number for her in the long run. Ovi is the easiest target for Christie right now and puts the least amount of blood on her hands this week, but this could also put her on the outs with her alliance. We will have to wait and see how this plays out.

I will have POV Ceremony spoilers for you later and make sure you come back tonight at 8/7c for our Big Brother 21 live recap!

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