There was a lot of downtime in the Big Brother house yesterday due to the POV Comp being played, however, that made for some great Big Brother spoilers! There was a plan in place for the POV, but now that the POV has happened, it looks like some HGs might not agree with the game move. Keep reading to get all the details about yesterday’s Big Brother live feeds!

Yesterday we started the day on the feeds with a plan in place that would have made Kemi a BD option at the POV ceremony. After the POV was played, some of the HGs decided that plan might not be the best one.

Before the POV comp, we heard many conversations go on in the BB house. The first one I want to point out was between Analyse and Holly. They were talking in the HOH room with Christie about Ovi. They talked about how he is always touchy-feely with them and it’s weird when he does it because he has a girlfriend. Later, the same conversation happened between Tommy, Kemi, and Isabella where Isabella mentions a weird hug between them and awkward massages. Tommy mentions that Ovi might just be doing it to fit in with the majority of the other guys.

There also seems to be a showmance brewing between Nick and Isabella. Christie apologized to Nick for walking in on him and Isabella cuddling the night before. He mentions that he likes having a warm body next to him when he sleeps and jokingly tells Christie that he was cuddling with Isabella because Christie wouldn’t let him come up and cuddle with her. There was a lot more cuddling throughout the day between Nick and Isabella.

Feeds cut for nearly 7 hours yesterday for the POV Comp and when they come back up, we find out that Sam won the POV. Kathryn is upset because she feels like she underperformed and now Christie might target her. Jackson promises her that Christie is not coming after Kathryn and that she is safe this week. However, Kathryn is still really paranoid about it. Kathryn was looking for reassurances from the rest of the group all night.

Sam tells Jack and Nick that he will use the POV however Christie wants him to, but he would rather use it on Cliff. Jackson and Isabella are talking later on and Jackson tells her that odds are, Sam will use the POV to take Cliff down. It wouldn’t make sense for him to use it on Kathryn.

Jessica and Nicole have a conversation later on the feeds. They talked about Kemi being the BD option and how it didn’t make sense. They both agree that she didn’t do anything to deserve being BD’d and that it would look racist if both black HGs got evicted week one. Jessica says that if Christie puts up Kemi, it isn’t going to look good for her HOH. Nicole mentioned that Kemi has been really to herself, but that it shouldn’t be seen as sketchy. Jessica mentions wanting to talk to Kemi, but also says she doesn’t want to make any big and sudden moves.

Kathryn is continuing to act paranoid throughout the night and it’s starting to really annoy some of the HGs, Christie, specifically. Christie talked to Jack about it and Jack told her that Kemi needed to go first. Christie agrees, but can’t understand why Kathryn won’t just relax and trust them. Analyse also tells Christie that Isabella wants to throw Kemi a sympathy vote, but Christie says it’s not a good sign from Isabella.

Later there is a conversation between Christie and Tommy about Kemi. Christie is worried that going after Kemi is a bad idea. Christie also admits that Kemi didn’t really do anything to her and this move might benefit Jack more than it will benefit her. Tommy is worried about her rocking the boat.

Christie and Analyse have a conversation about Isabella and Christie told her that Isabella is a wildcard. They also talk about how Ovi gives them the creeps, but they trust him more than Jack. Christie tells Analyse and Holly straight out that she doesn’t trust Jack.

It sounds like the plan to renom Kemi might be a little rocky at the moment. If Sam uses the POV on Cliff and it ends up being Kathryn and Kemi on the block together, at least they have the option of evicting Kathryn over Kemi. We will see what happens at the POV Ceremony!

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