Last night we got some pretty vital information off the Big Brother 21 live feeds. Nominations are in place and the POV Players were picked late last night. Get all the details below with our Big Brother spoilers!

Last night on the Big Brother live feeds we got confirmation that Kathryn and Cliff are on the block going into the POV comp. Kathryn is the main target. However, if Kathryn manages to win the POV or someone takes her off the block, Kemi is the BD target. Kathryn was telling Jessica that if she is able to pick her player for the POV Comp, she would choose Jackson because she is pretty sure he would use it to take her down. Moments later she asked him if he was okay with her picking him and he agreed and said that he would use the POV on her if he won. During this conversation, Jessica tells Kathryn that she is pretty sure there are already alliances in place (uh, ya think?).

After a Human Chain game that went on for way too long, Kathryn asks Jackson if the house is conspiring against her. She is starting to get paranoid which isn’t going to help her game at all. Kathryn mentions how Isabella gives her dirty looks, but Jackson tells her that is just how Isabella is. She questioned him about how Jessica said she saw Jackson in the storage room talking privately with Isabella and Jackson mentions that they were talking about living together in LA after the show. He tells Kathryn that she will be fine as long as Kemi doesn’t win the Veto.

Later we got a look at Nick, Jack, and Sam talking about Kemi being BD’d this week. Nick thinks that she is a dangerous player in this game and it’s a smart move to get her out early. The feeds went down for the POV Player pick and when they come back up we find out that along with Christie, Kathryn, and Cliff, Jack, Nicole, and Sam were picked to play.

Jack promises Kathryn that she is safe this week and tells her that she has to trust their plan will work. Christie later tells Kathryn that she will let Kathryn win the POV if they are close so that Christie doesn’t have to BD Kemi in an obvious fashion. Analyse mentioned a couple of times last night that Jack makes her nervous and tells Holly that when it comes down her their final eight group, she wants to target him first.

Before the lights go out for the night, Tommy and Christie are talking privately. They talk about being able to make it to F2 if they work together. Tommy also talks about how the others would feel if they knew that Christie and Tommy have a connection outside the house. Tommy also mentions that he doesn’t want to play too hard too early on. He knows that would be a bad game move this early in the game. Christie tells Holly later on that she is going to tell Kemi that she ” was playing too hard” when she renoms her.

Sounds like there is a plan in place for today’s POV comp. Stay tuned for the results as soon as the comp happens!

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