It was Power of Veto Ceremony day and the Big Brother 21 houseguests already had a pretty good idea of what was going to happen. They got the Veto Ceremony out of the way early in the day and then the HGs enjoyed some a cookout for Labor Day. Get all the details of what the HGs talked about throughout the day with our Big Brother live feeds recap including Big Brother spoilers from the Veto Ceremony right here!

We started the day off with some camtalking from Tommy. He is telling us how excited he is to be in the F6 and explaining how the mood in the house changes every week around this time but doesn’t seem to be this week. He says that he is excited to see his family and how it’s been hard being away from them, but adds that he would do this again if ever asked.

The POV Ceremony happened and when the feeds came back we found out that Tommy used the POV on Christie and Cliff was put up in her place as planned.

Later on, Christie stops to talk to Jessica in the kitchen while everyone is outside. She tells Jessica that Jessica, Christie, and Tommy have to sit down and talk later because she thinks there is hope for her this week. Christie tells her that Jackson wants Cliff to stay and that she thinks Cliff, Nicole, Holly, and Jackson are all working together. She tells Jessica that Jackson thinks that her and Tommy are working with them too, but if she were to win HOH next week she would take a shot at them. Jessica tells Christie that she thinks Nicole is undecided with her vote and seems to be wavering. Christie says she doesn’t think Nicole is as on board with Jackson and Holly as Cliff is. Christie says she will try and find out and wonders if they can get Nicole to vote out Cliff this week.

Nicole and Cliff had a conversation a little later about how Tommy using the POV on Christie makes Cliff less nervous because it means that they (T&C) don’t have a deal with Holly and Jackson in place. They talk about whether or not they should gun it for HOH this week and Cliff mentions that it might be too risky to sit back and let the other two duos go after each other. Nicole agrees. Cliff tells Nicole that he would rather work with Holly and Jackson over Christie and Tommy.

Jackson reiterates that he is going to break the tie to send Jessica to Jury this week. Nicole and Holly are worried about how hard Christie and Tommy are going to push for Jessica to stay this week. Talks turn to how they are going to have to win HOH and nominate Tommy and Christie together. If one of them comes down then one of their allies are going to have to go up. Jackson says that’s fine because they will still have the votes to get whoever is left on the block out. Jackson adds that if one of them doesn’t win HOH, they are screwed.

Holly tells Jackson that she wants Christie out before Tommy and mentions that Christie has more loyalty to Tommy than Tommy to her. Jackson wonders if Tommy would have any loyalty to them though. They also agree that Nicole and Cliff are less likely to work with Christie than Tommy. Jackson says that he thinks they have a shot at beating Christie or Tommy in F2. He thinks the only one that can beat them is Cliff and then they talk about how everyone would vote.

The HGs got a grill and tons of food for Labor Day.

After they ate, Holly worries to Jackson that Christie and Tommy might come after them inside of Cliff and Nicole. She also mentions that she is worried about Cliff but adds that they made a deal with him and should stick to it.

Christie and Tommy talk about whether or not they could get Nicole to flip, but Tommy mentions that Cliff would take Nicole to F2 so probably not. Jessica joins the conversation and she tells them that she doesn’t think there is a way for her to get Holly or Jackson to save her this week. Christie is still convinced that they might be able to flip Nicole.

Cliff tells Holly and Jackson that Christie and Tommy have promised him their votes this week but now wonders if they meant it as they will vote with the house. Jackson tells Holly that she can’t throw the next HOH and that she has to win it. Holly is upset that she can’t vote Christie out this week but says that there wasn’t anything they could do about Tommy saving Christie.

Well, it is going to be a fun few days of watching Christie scramble for votes to save Jessica but in the end, I don’t think that Nicole is going to flip. We will see what kind of ideas Christie and Jessica pitch to Nicole over the next couple of days. Stay tuned to my favorite HG poll coming up a little later this afternoon!

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