It was a pretty quiet day in the Big Brother 21 house with some of the HGs trying to sway Nicole’s vote. Holly caught a centipede, named it Fredrick and he is now living inside a pickle jar on the kitchen counter. Get all the details of the Big Brother spoilers from Tuesday’s live feeds right here with our live feeds recap!

We started the live feeds with Holly looking around the Big Brother house for something she could put her new friend Fredrick into. She came across a pickle jar and found herself apologizing to him for the smell. These HGs have officially lost their minds. The plan was for them to put Fredrick into the storage room so that he can be let out and not squashed.

Holly and Cliff are speculating on whether or not there is going to be a surprise eviction or a double eviction this week. Cliff has been convinced that there aren’t enough of them to do a DE this season, but after going over it again, he thinks there might be one coming up soon. Tommy says that if they’re going to do it, it will probably be this week.

Tommy and Christie talk a little later in the morning and say that they need to talk and discuss some things. Christie says that Cliff is everywhere though and that makes it hard. Tommy tells Christie how Nicole snuck up to the HOH last night and he tried to wait for her but ended up going out to the hammock. Christie says that she doesn’t want Jess to go this week and Tommy says he might have a plan. He tells her that Jess just needs to tell them that she thinks Christie and Tommy are working with Cliff and Nicole and put the seed of doubt in Jackson’s head about Cliff. Christie doesn’t think that Jess is going to lie and mentions that they might be able to flip Nicole’s vote.

Jackson is really playing up that he is weighing the pros and cons of keeping Jess but is worried that he shot himself in the foot when he nominated her. He tells Tommy that he is worried that Jess will target him now. Tommy doesn’t think she would but mentions that if they get Cliff out this week then there will only be two duos left in the house and it would paint a bigger target on them. Christie joins the conversation and Jackson is able to fill her in on what they are talking about and then Cliff walks in and the conversation is forced to change.

Nicole was talking to herself in the RV room and she is telling herself that she feels bad that Jess is going to campaign really hard to her. She adds that she is going to have to vote her out because she has been working with Cliff so much longer.

Christie later talks to Nicole and tells her that her targets, if she should stay, are obviously Holly and Jackson because if someone doesn’t go after them, no one else stands a chance at winning. Christie adds that she isn’t targeting Holly, but she is a package deal with Jackson and one of them needs to go. Christie swears on her sister’s life (her poor sister) that she is not committed to a F4 with Jackson and Holly and that she wants to win HOH so she can put them up.

Tommy and Jess are talking about ways she could stay and Jessica mentions that she will be a renom pawn for Jackson and Holly if they need her to be. Tommy tells her to mention that to Nicole when she talks to her, but keep in mind it’s going to be hard to change Nicole’s vote. When Jess goes to talk to Nicole she tells her that they both want the same thing and they can team up to get it done. She adds that Cliff isn’t going to do it because he and Jackson have had an understanding all season. Jess mentions how Cliff turned on Kat to save himself and he might do it to her too.

Nicole wonders to Jess if she needs to worry about Christie and Tommy working with Jackson and Holly and she tells Nicole no, they are going to go after them. Jess tells Nicole that if she stays that will keep Nicole off the block because if Jess leaves, Christie and Nicole will go up if Holly wins HOH. Jess tells her that this is the time to make big, smart moves if she wants to get to the end and win. Nicole tells her that this isn’t easy for her and she needs to think about it.

Christie asks Jess later how her talk with Nicole went and Jess tells her she thinks it went well. She mentions that Nicole asked if Christie and Tommy were working with Jackson and Holly. Christie says she wanted to ask Nicole the same thing about her and Cliff. Christie adds that she wants Jackson out so bad and she wants that on her resume.

Nicole later talks to the cameras and seems to be considering what Jessica said to her. She said she has a lot of thinking to do and really needs to decide what’s best for her game going forward. She is worried that she will upset Jackson and Holly if she keeps Jess over Cliff but knows that if she keeps Cliff no one will be mad. She then says that Jess told her she was always Jess’s person in this game, but Nicole knows that’s not true because Jess was closer to Kat and Christie all season.

Christie goes to talk to Nicole and tells her that she is 100 percent not working with Jackson and goes over all the reasons she is going to target him and Holly should she win HOH this week. She tells Nicole that she is pretending that she is working with him but is going to take him out as soon as she has the chance. Christie then goes to Tommy and tells him that they really have to work on convincing Nicole that they aren’t working with Jackson and Holly.

Christie goes back to Nicole a little later and tells her that she is worried about what Cliff will do if he wins HOH and how he has been making decisions with Jackson and Holly. Christie adds that she wants to get to the end with Nicole, Jess, and Tommy. Later Tommy talks to Nicole and Nicole tells Tommy that she isn’t sure what Cliff is doing in this game and knows she shouldn’t be paired with him.

Nicole seems to be wavering a little in her vote as Christie and Tommy continue to work her. However, I’m not sure that she is going to turn on Cliff to work with Christie and Tommy. We will see what happens during today’s campaigns. I’ll have more information for you all tomorrow! Make sure you come back tonight for our Hide and Go Veto live recap!

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