We are down to the Final Five in the Big Brother 21 house and this week will all come down to which of these remaining HGs wins the Power of Veto. Find out here with our Big Brother spoilers what the HOH’s plan is going forward and who could be in danger of being evicted if this week’s target should take themselves off the block!

We started the Big Brother live feeds with an early morning HOH comp hosted by Bayleigh and Swaggy C. Right before the live feeds came back up after the comp revealing the winner, Swaggy C tweeted the spoilers that Jackson had won the comp and that the others didn’t even come close.

After the HOH comp took place, the HGs hung out and chatted most of the day. Jackson got his HOH room and revealed that he changed his music choice to Backstreet Boys Greatest Hits so that Nicole could have her HOH music.

Cliff told Jackson that he really didn’t care who Jackson puts up against Tommy because he knows it’s going to be either Nicole or himself. Jackson tells Cliff that no matter what happens this week, he doesn’t want to see him go. Implying that if Tommy were to win the POV this week, Nicole would be the new target.

Jackson talked to Tommy and let him know that he was going to nominate him this week and Tommy says it doesn’t matter anyway, he just has to go out and win the POV.

The feeds cut for nominations and when they came back up we see that Tommy and Cliff were nominated this week for eviction.

Jackson talked to Nicole about the HOH room and tells her that she has to take the room at least one night this week so she can get the full experience of winning HOH. During this conversation, Nicole apologizes for not coming to talk to him before noms and says she didn’t want him to think that she just assumed she was safe. Jackson tells her that as long as there are other options, he would never put her up. He tells her that if Tommy wins the POV and comes off the block, it’s out of his control, but they will cross that bridge when they get there.

The HGs are expecting this week’s POV is going to be BB Comics. Nicole slept in the HOH room and before she went to bed she went over the days and events.

Nicole said while studying her events that this season, six vetos were used and five were not, but after tomorrow it will be seven. She says that she plans to win the POV today and take Cliff off the block. This would force Jackson to nominate Holly. In a perfect world, Holly would then be evicted to split up the showmance. I will keep you posted on POV spoilers as they become available. Remember, all the HGs are playing in today’s POV. What is your perfect scenario?

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