After Thursday night’s Double Eviction in the Big Brother 21 house, the HGs spent a lot of time relaxing and chatting. Nicole spent some time explaining to Tommy why she made the move she made. Get all your Big Brother spoilers from Thursday night’s Big Brother live feeds right here!

I’m going to start this off by telling you all that the HOH comp didn’t happen yet. It is going to happen at some point this morning and I will keep you all posted with the results as soon as they are available.

When the feeds came back from the live show, we saw the final five packing Christie’s things for her.

Nicole tells Jackson and Holly that Tommy and Christie were telling her to put Jackson and Holly on the block. She adds that she said she gave her word and had to stick to it. Cliff mentions that the next one that has to go is Tommy and if one of them wins HOH they are going to have to put Tommy and one of them up. He reminds them that there is no reason to worry though because they will have the votes to get him out anyway. They all speculate that the POV might be BB Comics.

Tommy is feeling a little down and says to Nicole that he wonders if he is alone in the house now. Nicole tells him it might feel that way, but he isn’t alone. She encourages him to go out and win the next HOH and then apologizes for putting him in this situation. Nicole explains that Christie was the HG that scared her the most and she needed to put them up as a duo.

Nicole tells Cliff that sticking with Jackson and Holly will get them to F4 and adds that if Jackson went during the DE, Christie and Tommy would have latched on to Holly and that would have left them in a bad spot. She says that if that was to happen, she doesn’t think they would have a chance at F4 and Cliff agrees.

Jackson talks to Tommy and tells him that he has always trusted Tommy and truly loves him. Tommy talks about how he needs to win the HOH and fight for his safety. He adds that if he does win the HOH, he doesn’t know who he would put up.

The feeds were down for almost two hours last night and we thought that it was for the HOH comp. However, when they came back up, the HGs were all hanging out talking. Tommy mentions that he needs to get a good night’s sleep so he is ready for the HOH comp. Which implied that it wasn’t happening until Friday sometime. There were a few other indications that confirmed this throughout the HGs talking.

Tommy tells Nicole that the Jury House is going to respect her HOH and that it was a big win and a big move. Everyone tells her how proud of her they are. Nicole talked about how Christie would have had a strong argument against any of them if she made it to F2. Cliff mentioned that he was happy to hear that there was no Jury Battle Back this year and said he would take a DE over that. Cliff also said that the HOH comp being held on Friday is going to screw up the routine of POV being done on Saturday.

Last night Nicole did get an HOH basket, a letter from home, and photos that she was able to display on her dresser in the RV Room.

Before heading to bed, Cliff and Jackson talked about how Jackson is still committed to their F4 deal. Jackson notes that Nicole could have easily thrown that HOH to Tommy because of how close behind her he was, but she didn’t.

I will have HOH results for you as soon as the HOH comp happens. It should be fairly early today. Not sure if they will still do noms today or if it will be pushed until tomorrow, but I will keep you all posted!

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