It was a slow day in the Big Brother 21 house with the HGs keeping themselves busy with origami parties and an egg hunt. During which one of this week’s noms realized that they might not be as safe as they think. Keep reading our Big Brother spoilers from Tuesday’s live feeds right here for all the details of what the HGs talked about throughout the day.

The morning consisted of the HGs folding origami, painting their nails, folding more origami and then dying eggs in September. Jackson shared that he had never dyed an egg before and Nicole shared that she still dyes eggs every year. They talked about doing an egg hunt after dying eggs, but that didn’t happen until much later on in the day.

There was a lot of general chit chat throughout the day and then it came time for their egg hunt. They all put their BB Comics costumes on and after almost an hour of them getting ready, Jackson goes to talk to Holly to let her know that everyone is waiting on her for their egg hunt. She gets annoyed with him for the way he came at her and he explains to her that the last thing she wants to do is upset the people who hold her fate in their hands.

During their egg hunt, Tommy tells Holly that he is thinking about telling Nicole and Cliff about his secret (him knowing Christie before the show). He tells her that he would rather tell them and lose the half-million dollars on his own being truthful than lie to them. He tells her that he is going to tell them on Wednesday.

After their egg hunt and dinner, Holly tells Jackson that Tommy is going to tell Cliff and Nicole about his secret. Holly worries that they will use this as an excuse to flip the vote on her. She talks about possibly telling Nicole and Cliff before Tommy can. Jackson later tells Cliff that Tommy has a secret he is going to reveal to him and Nicole Wednesday. Cliff asks if it has to do with Christie and Jackson confirms it. Holly tells Jackson she is worried because Cliff keeps saying that he is voting with Nicole. She feels like she should have been campaigning this week (alway campaign when you’re on the block!).

Holly later goes to talk to Nicole and tells her that she didn’t want Nicole to think she was too confident (she was), but also didn’t want to be paranoid like Kat (she is now).

Cliff talks to Jackson some more about being anxious about Tommy’s secret. He then starts talking about how Nicole is nervous about her position in F4 with them and mentions that she seems to be getting closer to Tommy. Cliff promises that he feels closer to Jackson and even mentions that Tommy would take Nicole to F2 over Cliff. Cliff says that he would rather be in F3 with Nicole and Jackson than Tommy and Nicole. Cliff mentions that he would evict Tommy before Jackson if Holly was the next one to go and Jackson seems surprised that this might actually be a possibility. Jackson tells Cliff that he doesn’t want to see Holly evicted, but understands everyone has to plan for themselves.

Nicole is still talking to Holly at this point and tells her that they will both be voting the same way this week, but doesn’t say for who. Holly then goes to talk to Jackson and tells him that she is really worried and Jackson tells her about what Cliff said about Nicole and Tommy getting closer. He suggests that she should offer Cliff F3 over Nicole. Jackson also tells Holly that he can try to convince Nicole and Cliff that he is ready to split from Holly and will vote her out at F4 when the time comes. Throughout the night, Holly gets more and more upset about being “backdoored” on Jackson’s HOH. She fails to remember that she isn’t getting backdoored because she played in the POV.

Cliff tells Nicole that Tommy has a big secret to tell them (Cliff thinks he knows what it is because he heard the wall shouter, but didn’t believe it when it happened).

Holly continues to freak out over possibly being voted out this week. Jackson starts working on a plan, but Holly thinks that Tommy will make all the right promises in order to keep himself in the game.

As of right now, the plan is still to evict Holly, however, Tommy is going to reveal to Cliff and Nicole that he and Christie knew each other prior to the house. Do you think that will persuade them to keep him or get rid of him?

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