It was Eviction Eve in the Big Brother 21 house which meant that it was campaign day! With one of the nominees finding out that they might not be as safe as they thought, it made for a lot of pleading and tons of tears. Tommy also dropped a bomb on Cliff and Nicole revealing his biggest secret of the summer. Get all the Big Brother spoilers from Wednesday’s Big Brother live feeds right here to get all the details!

We started the day very early and when the HGs all got up at 6:10 AM BBT and held a moment of silence and sang the National Anthem in remembrance of the men, women, and children who lost their lives 18 years ago on 9-11-01. They then sat around and told stories about where they were when they found out and then Nicole lead a prayer circle.

The HGs went back to bed until their wakeup call at 10 AM BBT. At 10:28 AM BBT Big Brother came over the speakers and told the HGs that they were one day closer to $500k.

Cliff tells Nicole that the only thing that scares him about keeping Tommy is if Tommy and Jackson have some kind of deal to keep each other safe. Nicole tells him that doesn’t scare her as much as keeping the showmance intact. Cliff then mentions that if they keep Tommy then they have two strong people playing against them in the Veto, whereas if they keep Holly it’s Jackson and Holly and they might have a better shot. (It’s like they have all forgotten that Holly has won two HOHs also.) Nicole tells Cliff that Tommy swears he would gun it and take out Jackson if he won it. Cliff says that he isn’t playing this game based on agreements, he is doing what is best for his game.

Tommy tells Cliff and Nicole that he really wants to stay and would even throw the HOH to one of them. He says that he will go after the POV and go after Jackson with it for the three of them should he stay. Tommy then tells them that he has something else to tell them. He says that when he walked into the Big Brother house he only met 14 new people because he already knew Christie. He explains that Christie’s ex that she spoke so much about is a member of his family. He says that Christie always said that she lost herself in the house and he could see that and mentions that it put him in a bad position.

Meanwhile, Jackson, who has been letting Nicole use the HOH room, is telling Holly that they are taking it back from her tonight. Holly mentions that it’s really dirty to accept the HOH room from someone you are trying to backdoor (she apparently doesn’t know the meaning of the term “backdoor”). Holly also mentions that Nicole and Cliff are being weird to her and Nicole and Tommy are acting like best friends. Holly talks about how bad it’s going to look when they go against their agreement and flip their vote and she is upset they aren’t even trying to hide it.

Tommy tells Holly that he told Nicole and Cliff about knowing Christie. Holly and Cliff later talk about how hypocritical it was of Christie wanting Kat out so bad after finding out that Kat and Holly knew each other. Jackson tells Nicole and Holly that knowing Tommy and Christie knew each other before just means that Christie is a definite vote for him and that she is probably campaigning for him in the Jury house.

Nicole and Cliff touch base later about what Tommy told them and they decide that the news wasn’t that big a deal to them. Cliff and Nicole tell Jackson that they haven’t made a decision about who they are voting out. Jackson hints to them that if they vote Holly out it won’t hurt his feelings but then when he is with Holly he is acting upset.

Jackson and Cliff talked about how keeping Tommy is best for Nicole’s game, but not best for theirs (J&C). Cliff is implying that Nicole is leaning towards voting out Holly, but Cliff is leaning towards voting out Tommy.

Holly starts her campaign with Nicole. She reminds Nicole that they all had an agreement that they shook on and brings up Jackson winning the wall comp when she shouldn’t have just to keep Cliff and Nicole safe. She also says that if Tommy makes it to F2 he will win unanimously because Christie is campaigning for him in the Jury house. Nicole tells her that she is going to do what’s best for her game, but right now she doesn’t know what that is.

Holly then talks to Cliff and talks about how big of a threat Tommy is in the game. She then turns to how she came here with a purpose and how bad she wants to win the $500k. She talks about building a business and says that she will get there if she wins or not (she is bombing this campaign bad). He tells her that he really wants to see Holly stay, but Nicole is pushing really hard for her to go. Cliff has been subtly throwing Nicole under the bus for a couple of days with comments like this.

Holly tells Jackson how her chats when with Cliff and Nicole, meanwhile, Nicole and Cliff are talking about how they felt bad while talking with Holly, but they are still leaning towards evicting her. Nicole tells Cliff that they are either going to F4 with Jackson and Holly and find out who is going to take the shot or they take the shot now while they have control of the situation.

Jackson tells Holly that he should have put Cliff and Nicole on the block. She tells him that the only reason she wanted to work with them was that she thought they were honest players. Jackson tells Holly he is furious that Nicole and Cliff are considering breaking their deal and then says that he isn’t mad, he’s disappointed.

Cliff does end up telling Nicole that he has been telling Jackson and Holly that Nicole is the one pushing for Holly to go and that Cliff is leaning towards keeping Holly. Nicole tells him that she doesn’t blame him for playing his game.

Holly later talked to Nicole again and asked for one more week in the house. Holly says that she can promise things to Nicole if she stays (like what??). Nicole tells her she will think about it and talk to Cliff. Later when Cliff and Nicole talked about this, Nicole brings up how Sam and Nick both asked for one more week and she told them no.

Nicole and Cliff talked again about worrying that Jackson and Tommy might be working together. Tommy joins the conversation and mentions how he would throw the HOH to them and then gun for the POV, meanwhile, Jackson is eavesdropping on this conversation. Jackson goes back and tells Holly about what he heard and says that he is going to try and use it against Tommy. Jackson later tells Cliff and Nicole that Tommy told him that he was going to pitch that to them to gain their trust. Nicole and Cliff then wonder if Tommy can be trusted or if he is being sketchy.

This causes them to go into a whirlwind about their decision and at the end of the night, everything seemed to be up in the air. We will find out for sure who will be walking out the door a little later today, but unless Cliff and Nicole get a chance to talk to Tommy before the vote, it really could be either of them walking out of the house.

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