It was a quiet day in the Big Brother 21 house until the POV winner decided to let Nicole in on their plan going forward this week. While most of us saw this coming, there are some HGs who didn’t. Get all the Big Brother spoilers from Sunday’s live feeds right here to find out what the plan is and which HG should be voted out on Thursday!

Yesterday morning there was a lot of lounging and napping going on in the Big Brother house, it wasn’t until about 1:40 PM BBT that things got interesting inside the house. At that time, Jackson told Nicole what his true intentions were going into the remainder of this week. He told her that he is going to use the POV on himself like expected, but he isn’t going to be voting out Holly on Thursday night. He asks Nicole not to tell Cliff his plans. She is clearly upset and goes outside. Jackson tells her that he isn’t going to stick to a deal he was forced into. Nicole realizes that she was right to want to split up the showmance, but feels bad because she feels like Cliff deserves to be in F3 more than she does.

Holly asks Jackson if he plans to tell Cliff and Nicole that he lied about Tommy and Jackson tells him absolutely not. Meanwhile, Nicole is outside talking to herself and beating herself up for going against what she mapped out. She said that she knew that this was going to happen.

Nicole does end up telling Cliff that Jackson is going to vote him out this week and tells him that she wasn’t supposed to tell him. Cliff asks for permission to approach Jackson about it. Cliff admits to Nicole that he made too many deals and adds that he is just happy that he made it to F4. Nicole tells Cliff that he can talk to Jackson about it.

Cliff goes to talk to Jackson and tells him that Nicole is upset because Jackson has decided to vote Cliff out. Cliff and Jackson go over all the deals that were made, broken and then remade in their group and tells Cliff that he would have been loyal had Nicole and Cliff not broken the deal. He adds that if Holly wasn’t forced to throw the HOH, she would have won that, Jackson would have won the POV and Jackson would have voted Nicole out over Cliff (which is true, Holly and Jackson have said this several times in private). Cliff asks Jackson not to make a big speech at the Veto Meeting and just let the week go on without it being weird.

Cliff and Nicole talk again and Cliff tells Nicole that she has his vote if she makes it to F2. He tells her that he suspects her to have more votes from the others also. Cliff tells her that he wants Nicole to win this more than Jackson. Later on, Nicole tells Cliff that she is worried about going against Jackson and Holly in the final comps and she has terrible anxiety about it. Nicole worries that she looks stupid for trusting them and says that she doesn’t think Tommy was really going to target Cliff. Cliff admits that he thinks they got played by Jackson on that one.

Nicole did a lot of camtalking later on about the what-ifs. What if she targeted Jackson instead of Christie in the DE? What if they kept Tommy over Holly? She then stops and says that she can’t keep doing this, she needs to focus on winning two more comps to make it to F2. She is frustrated that she kept the showmance and took them to F4. She knew that wasn’t what was best for her game, but she let Cliff get into her head and she started to overthink everything.

Meanwhile, Cliff is also camtalking about how disappointed he is that he got so close and is going out because someone is breaking their word. Cliff says that he might call Jackson out on some of his crap, but is going to wait a few days because Nicole is already anxious enough. He talks about when he gets to Jury and how he is going to make a case for Nicole when he gets there but worries that it will be all for nothing because it will probably be Jackson and Holly in F2.

Jackson and Holly talk about how Cliff deserves to be in F3 and to go to the finale.

Cliff talked later about how his biggest regret in this is that he couldn’t make it to F3 and Sharon won’t be able to be in the audience on finale night. Nicole tells Cliff that Tommy was probably telling the truth and that Jackson was outlining his own plan during that house meeting. Nicole is angry that Jackson and Holly are doing exactly what they are upset about Nicole and Cliff just thinking of doing. Nicole is also upset that she will probably come in third to a showmance. Cliff wonders if he could guilt Jackson into keeping him over Holly. Nicole says that she won’t be upset if Jackson and Holly end up in F2, she just doesn’t want this to drag out another 10 days.

Nicole plans to work on Jackson and tell him that the jury won’t vote for him if he is sitting next to Holly in F2. She is hoping that this will persuade Jackson into taking Cliff instead of Holly to F3. Jackson should also think about the fact that if it’s him against Nicole and Cliff, it’s almost a guaranteed spot in F2. The Veto Meeting will take place a little later today where we could expect Jackson to use the POV on himself and Cliff will be sitting next to Holly going into eviction night. Who do you think should be voted out this week?

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