With only three houseguests left inside the Big Brother 21 house, things are not very exciting on the Big Brother live feeds. However, last night we did get some talks that exposed some secrets. Read on to get all the Big Brother spoilers from inside the house on Sunday with my live feeds recap!

The HGs slept until after 4 PM BBT yesterday so most of the action happened later in the evening hours. They ended up having access to the backyard for one more day so they spent a lot of that time sitting outside.

Nicole spent some time talking to the cameras about how she has been having spurts of depression and regret for not keeping Tommy last week but adds that it doesn’t mean she cares about Holly any less. She says that she is excited to return home and back to her life.

Jackson talks to Holly about how paranoid he is being this week. He really hopes that Holly doesn’t burn him and she tells him that she hopes he doesn’t burn her either. They agree not to burn each other and are convinced that they are the only showmance to make it to F2, however, they aren’t (BB7). Holly also mentions that she is glad they won R1 and R2 because she feels like that proved they belonged in F2 and she doesn’t feel like she is taking anything away from Nicole. Jackson talked about Paul’s game and how he made it to F2 twice and lost both times. He says that was because of the way that he answered the Jury questions. He tells Holly that he is going to everything he can to sell himself to them and Holly just asks that he doesn’t make her look bad.

The F3 are sitting around chatting after a champagne toast. Holly talks about how second place doesn’t take home that much money after taxes and such. Nicole tells her that she will carry the burden for Holly without a problem.

Jackson goes inside and Nicole starts campaigning to Holly. She tells her that if she cuts Jackson at F3 that will prove to the jury that she is her own player. Nicole adds that Tommy and Cliff are under Jackson’s belt for evictions, not hers. Holly mentions that it’s a moral dilemma for her. Nicole makes sure to push that if Nicole is sitting next to either of them on finale night, they will win over her hands down. Holly tells her that it’s a hard choice for her.

Jackson returns outside and Holly heads in. He tells Nicole that he is ready to go home and see what kind of damage has been done. During this conversation, Jackson admits to Nicole that Tommy never went to him with any kind of deal or plan to take out Cliff. Nicole tells him that she knew it because he wasn’t acting weird. He wasn’t his normal mad during the blowup. He tells her about how he overheard them in the HN room and twisted the information. He tells Nicole that what surprised him the most was that no one thought that he could have overheard the conversation. Nicole tells him that she didn’t buy his act.

Holly comes back out and Jackson steps away for a minute. They talk about F2s again and then tells Nicole that she is really confused about how Jackson is telling her is F2 speech. She says that it’s annoying because it seems like he doesn’t see her as competition.

There was a lot of chit-chatting throughout the night until the HGs headed to bed. Nicole’s campaign has begun, but will it make any difference? Will Holly or Jackson pick Nicole over the other?

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