We had another HG blow their game completely wide open on the Big Brother live feeds on Tuesday. Gr8ful has some issues within as they start contemplating replacing two of their members. Get all the Big Brother spoilers from inside the house on Tuesday right here with our Big Brother live feeds recap!

We started our day with Cliff doing his daily Cliff Notes chat to his family. He is going through all the events in the house, everything he has noticed about alliances, who all the couples are, and who all the targets are. While he is doing this, Christie walks by the Boat Room and hears him talking. She stops and puts her ear up to the door for a while trying to listen in on what he is saying. He talks about how Christie and Tommy can be considered a “couple” because they are really tight and seem to be working together. He talks about there being tension between Christie and Analyse because of Jack. He talks about his own alliance with Nicole and Ovi and he runs through the list of targets for the next few weeks, not realizing that he is making himself a target with every word he says.

Christie runs back and tells Tommy, Jackson, and Holly everything she heard Cliff say and by the afternoon, everyone in their alliance is filled in. Cliff’s name has been brought up as a target for next week, members of Gr8ful talked about trying to get closer to Nicole over the next few days so that when they take Cliff out, they might be able to reel Kat and Nicole into their alliance and force Nick and Bella out.

Later in the day, Christie told Sam and Nick about what she heard Cliff saying earlier in the day. Bella joins the conversation and Christie catches her up also. Christie tells them that she thinks they put Jessica and Cliff on the block next week and tell Cliff he is a pawn. Jackson thinks that they should put Nicole up next to Cliff because then they will know for sure that Ovi has the power when it isn’t used.

Jessica is not letting this whole Black Widows thing alone. Kemi is talking to Jessica about how weird it is in the house when you’re on the block and no one wants to have real conversations with you. Jessica mentions how she really wanted the Black Widows to be a real alliance. Kemi says that she wasn’t even in the room when it was made, she walked in and it was a thing she was invited to. Jessica then says “so you don’t know it was Bella that started the alliance?”

Kat is talking to Holly and is trashing Analyse. They agree that Analyse comes off as a b**** to the other girls but not to the guys. The conversation then shifts to how they need to get Bella and Nick out, Holly says that has to wait until after Camp Comeback. They talk about how Sam is a big threat and how arrogant Jack is. Holly and Kat agree that it’s Bella that needs to go before Nick.

Meanwhile, Bella is telling Sam about Gr8ful, the eight-person alliance that Sam isn’t officially a part of. Sam wants Bella to tell Nick that she told him about it so that he can talk to Nick about it, but Bella tells him she can’t yet. She tells him to wait for Nick to tell him, but Sam says that might not happen. She tells him more a little later about how there are six core members of the group and then some outside the core group. She tells Sam that it doesn’t matter that he isn’t a part of it because he’s been in all their conversations anyway. She does, however, mention that they plan to take the floaters out, which would include Sam, before Nick and Bella.

Sam then starts to wonder if they should keep Kemi around because that would be a number for them. Bella said she was thinking that too. They talk about forming a new alliance with them, Nick, and Christie. Bella mentions that Christie has said that she hopes someone from outside their alliance takes a shot at Jack.

Later on, Christie, Tommy, Sam, Nick, and Bella all meet and form an alliance called the “Flaming Five” and they discuss who has the Nightmare Power. Christie and Tommy know who has it, but they don’t offer the information to the rest of their newly formed alliance.

Tommy decided that he was going to hide Orwell on Cliff in order to disrupt Cliff’s morning routine. Cliff spent a lot of time looking for Orwell, even went to the DR and asked for help, but they declined to help him.

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