It was Eviction Eve in the Big Brother 21 house and it started off pretty exciting with one HG trying to flip the votes for Thursday night’s live eviction! Keep reading our Big Brother live feeds recap right here to get all the Big Brother spoilers from inside the Big Brother house on Wednesday.

We started off the day with a conversation between Kemi and Sam. Sam tells her that he was originally going to vote with the house but has heard some things and has done some thinking and it just doesn’t make sense. He tells her it doesn’t make sense for him to vote out someone who has the same goal of getting Jack out like him. She would also be a number for him and he tells her that he thinks that he can get the six votes for her to stay. He tells her that he can get Cliff, Nick, Bella, Tommy or Christie, Nicole and himself.

He instantly starts working on this. He goes to talk to Nick and Bella and tells them that he thinks it would make more sense to keep Kemi over Jess because Kemi is a number for them and she would help them get Jack out. Nicole joins this conversation and he tells her the same thing. All three of them agree. Nick and Bella then go to talk to Christie. Christie tells them that she is on board also because she can’t take a shot at Jack and neither can they.

Sam then talks to Jack and tells Jack that he thinks that it would be better to take Jessica out this week because she has blatantly said that she would target only the guys in the house. Jack says that Jessica has mentioned taking a shot at Nick and Bella, Sam thinks that she would only target Nick in that situation. Sam is really worried about Jessica winning HOH and reminds Jack of how close she came to winning this last HOH.

Jack then brings the idea to Analyse and Holly, both of them are against it. Jack shuts down the idea of flipping the vote but warns them that there is a group trying to make it happen. They don’t think that Sam will get the numbers. Meanwhile, Christie talks to Sam and tells him that she is going to try and get Jack alone and see if she can get him to agree to it without the rest of the alliance in the room.

While all this is going on, Nicole has been accused of targeting Holly and Analyse. Nicole spent her day clarifying with them that Nick put words in her mouth during the conversation and then ran back and told them. Holly thinks that Nick is trying to make Nicole a target. However, Gr8ful has been trying to get on Nicole’s good side for when Kemi is voted out because they think they can get Nicole into their group.

Kemi went up to make a pitch to Jack Wednesday afternoon also. Jack asked Tommy to be in the room also so that no one could twist what was said. Kemi asks Jack where they went wrong and why she was almost BD’d last week and put up this week. He tells her that he overheard her say something about him making food and that he was cocky. She tells him that she made light of that, she didn’t know him well enough to actually think he was cocky. She asks if she is the target and he tells her that there was a chance at either of them going because Kemi is a physical threat in this game and Jess is a threat to some of the people he cares about in the house.

Jack then goes to the group and asks if they are all still locked on voting out Kemi. They all say yes and Christie adds that there is no reason for them to keep Kemi over Jess. The conversation turns to Analyse saying she hates Nick for wanting to go after Jack and Jackson but is too afraid to so he is making Analyse and Holly targets.

Analyse and Jackson talk alone later about how they think the Gr8ful alliance is dead because they can’t get Nick and Bella to stay loyal to them. They are also really annoyed with Christie talking too much. Meanwhile, Nick and Bella are talking about keeping Kemi and think that it would be better for a lot of them if Kemi was in the house including Christie. He tells Bella he will talk to Christie again.

Analyse checked in with Nicole and talked about Nick trying to push Nicole to target herself and Holly if she won HOH. Nicole tells her that she never said that and wouldn’t tell anyone who she was targeting until she actually won an HOH. Nicole tells Christie, Holly, and Analyse that Kemi wasn’t even in the room when the Black Widows was formed and that it was all Bella. After the conversation, Christie and Analyse still don’t think it’s a good idea to keep Kemi this week.

Analyse checked in with Sam about the vote and Sam tells her that Jack wants Kemi out so that’s how he is voting. Nicole also filled Kemi in on the fact that they don’t have the votes to keep her this week. Then Nick tells Kemi that they only need one more vote to keep her and he thinks that they could get Christie to vote with them if she knows they have enough votes.

Jack knows that Kemi is still fighting for the votes, but he doesn’t think that anyone will go against their alliance. Am I the only one hoping that someone does flip and Kemi stays just to make Jack crazy? Make sure you come back a little later for my eviction poll and my eviction prediction. I will also have my live recap starting at 9/8c and my HOH spoilers after that!

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