Yesterday was POV Ceremony day inside the Big Brother 21 house and one HG had a complete meltdown thinking they were going to be BD’d and then proceeded to tell everyone a secret! Keep reading our Big Brother live feeds recap for Monday to get all the Big Brother spoilers from inside the house!

Monday started off pretty slow on the Big Brother live feeds with the HGs trying to enjoy as much of the backyard time as they could. As we got closer to the POV Ceremony, the paranoia started to stir and Christie went absolutely off the walls. Nick, Bella, Sam, and Kemi all made little comments throughout the morning that had Christie thinking that she was being backdoored.

Christie has been obsessing about her time of the month for days, saying that beforehand she gets super emotional, paranoid and her senses are all heightened. Bella simply asked her if she had gotten is yet and referred to it as her “dot day” and Sam then called it D-Day and then said, “get it?” Nick asked her several times how she slept and she took it as him wondering if she was losing any sleep over something. Kemi asked Christie what the POV plan was and if Nicole was still going on the block, which got Christie thinking that there was chatter about the plan changing. It was literally her overthinking everything that came out of everyone’s mouth, but she was having a full meltdown over it thinking she was going up instead of Nicole.

Moments before the POV Ceremony happened, Tommy went and told Bella and then Nick that Christie was freaking out. Nick went to find Christie and he was legitimately getting upset with her because she kept accusing him of wanting to BD her. She swore up and down that there was no plan to do so (there really wasn’t), but Christie stayed convinced that she was going up. Even after the POV Ceremony happened, she was still convinced that it was their plan to put her up, but she was able to talk them out of it and Nick changed his mind last minute.

That isn’t even where the craziness ended for the day. Christie, still on her I just cheated BB death kick, went up to the HOH room to talk to Bella and Nick after the POV Ceremony. She told Bella and Nick that she had the last power! However, she was confused about the details of the power and was telling them things that weren’t necessarily true about her power. So, because that is against the BB rules, after talking to the DR she went back and told Nick and Bella the right details about her power! She doesn’t stop at telling them about her power though, she also confirms with them that Ovi has a power too!

So, now, let’s think about this for a second. She told Nick and BELLA about her power! So what do you think happens next in this scenario? Bella goes and tells Sam everything! Meanwhile, Christie is telling everyone in Six Shooters how much she can’t trust Nick and Bella, how she is so sketched out by the way they are acting towards her, and how she can’t wait to blindside them.

Okay, so there are more cracks inside the Bella/Nick/Sam alliance they have going on also. Sam went to Nick the other day and told him that he found out about Gr8ful because Jack slipped up in the storage room (he really heard it from Bella first but promised not to tell Nick that), Nick then went back and told Jack and Christie that Sam knew about Gr8ful (they knew this already) which then lead to Christie questioning Sam about it. Sam is upset with Nick for running back to them and telling them this and told Bella that Nick hurt his game by doing this. Bella tells Sam that she is worried that Nick doesn’t trust her like he used to (gee, I wonder why??).

So just a summary, everyone in the house knows that Christie is PSMing. Blames this for her meltdown, but is still convinced she was being BD’d. Everyone in the house knows about Christie’s power (does that really surprise us?). Bella and Sam are starting to worry about their alliance with Nick. The plan for Thursday’s live vote is still to vote out Nicole and blindside Nick and Bella. For now. If that should change, (which I’m sure it will 100 times in two days) I will keep you posted!

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