After Kemi was evicted, but not evicted, from the Big Brother 21 game, things got heated inside the Big Brother house. We all watched as Kemi called out Nick and Bella in her eviction speech and then Nick turned around and won the HOH. Find out all the Big Brother spoilers from inside the house right here with our Big Brother live feeds recap!

When the feeds came back, Kemi was talking to David. She told him that people inside the house can say whatever they want, but they need to come say it to her face. Meanwhile, Nick is in the Boat Room talking to Jackson. Jackson tells Nick that he thinks the vote for Kemi could have been Cliff, but everyone thinks it was Nicole. Nick says he was thinking about putting Jess and Cliff up, but he might Nicole up now.

Moments later, Bella is yelling at Kemi in the other room. Kemi tells Bella there is no need to yell, Bella puts her hand on Kemi’s arm and Kemi yells “don’t touch me” and then proceeds to accuse Bella of talking behind her back. A spat that lasted for only about 2 minutes, was talked about all night.

Jackson tells Holly that she can’t tell anyone that it was him that threw the rogue vote. This is why a rogue vote was a bad idea, no one can keep it to themselves.

Analyse and Jack had a chat yesterday. Analyse was clearly upset with Jack after the comp and he asked her several times what was wrong, but she would tell him. They went into the Storage Room to talk and Analyse tells him that she doesn’t like the fact that he talks more game with Christie than he does with her. She is putting her game at risk being with him and he doesn’t even include her in game-related conversations. Jack went to talk to Christie a little while after that and tells her that Analyse is jealous about them talking game so much. Christie tells him that she will distance herself and Jack reminds her that Christie is his F2, not Analyse.

Cliff asks Nicole if the vote was her. She tells him it wasn’t, but she thinks it’s going to be pinned on her. She thinks that Nick is going to nominate her and Jessica. Cliff tells her if he does, he will help in any way he can to keep her in the house.

Kemi runs down a list of reasons why she said those things about Nick and Bella in her eviction speech. How Bella ran to Jackson about Kemi’s conversation with Jackson and all the sketchy things she said after that. She also tells Sam about how everyone in the house had told her that she was taking the blame for Bella and Nick was campaigning against her.

Nicole walks in to talk to Kemi and Sam goes out to the kitchen. Nicole tells Kemi that she has realized that Jack, Jackson, Holly, Analyse, Nick, and Bella are all together. Kemi asks her how she knows and she tells her that she just does. Kemi wonders if Jackson won HOH if Nick and Bella would have really gone up, Nicole tells her she doesn’t even know anymore. Kemi tells Nicole how Christie told her that she overheard Cliff in the Boat Room say something about the three couples in the house being together in this game.

Jackson tells Jack that he was the rogue vote, but tells Jack that he can’t tell Christie. So we are at two HGs that know about who the real rogue voter is. Nick got his HOH room and Kemi got her campers uniform. After Nick gets his HOH room he tells the Gr8ful members that he is going to put a combination of Cliff, Jess, and Nicole.

Bella is onto Jackson and thinks he was the one who did the rogue vote. She tells Nick and Sam about how downstairs he blamed Nicole, but up here he blamed Cliff and thinks that he did it to make Nicole a target. Nick tells Bella that he doesn’t want to put Nicole or Kat up.

Nick tells Bella and Sam that he isn’t going to go after Jack, but if he wins a special power that allows him to change noms, he will. Sam tells Nick that he feels like putting Cliff up is doing someone else’s dirty work. Nick tells him that no one is coming after him, so who should he go after? (Everyone is coming after him and Bella!)

Nick tells Nicole that she is safe with him and that he knows it wasn’t her that voted for Kemi to stay. Nick also promises that if he has to make a renom, it will be Kat and not Nicole.

So, Nick is in power, his entire alliance wants him out, but he isn’t trying to go after them. Yet. We still have all day on Friday which will bring us the Whacktivity Comp and then noms later on. It seems like Bella is on the right track with Jackson being the rogue voter, but it doesn’t look like he is going to rock the boat just yet. I’m curious to see if Bella will have anything to say about who Nick puts up. We will find out later!

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