Tuesday was a pretty quiet day in the Big Brother 21 house as all the gameplay for the week is finished. The noms have been set, the eviction plan has been put into place, and now all there is to do is wait. There were some chats about who the HGs plan to target next in the Big Brother house and you can get all the details below with our Big Brother live feeds recap!

Jackson, David, and Bella were the first ones up in the house yesterday. Bella and Jackson talked about Christie and her freak out the day before. Jackson tells her that he’s not going to deal with the HGs that freak out anymore, Christie was number three (Kat and Jess before that) and he is done. He also says that he doesn’t understand why people react that way, it doesn’t accomplish anything to start running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

Cliff did his morning routine of talking to his family in the Boat Room. He tells them that he is worried he might be going this week, but he has had several people tell him that he is safe.

Christie, Holly, Jack, and Analyse were all talking about how Cliff hasn’t done any campaigning all week and how he must feel safe. Christie tells them that she is going to use that as her reasoning behind voting him out. They also talk about how they aren’t going to let Nicole know she is safe this week because they don’t want her to be too comfortable. Tommy joins the conversation after being in the HOH with Sam and Bella. He tells them that he is gunning for HOH this week and BD’ing Sam. He tells them that Sam is the brain of the group. Christie mentions that she is going after Nick first.

They also talk about whether or not they can convince Nick that Cliff needs to go first because he is targeting couples and then Nick walks in. Conversation changes until Nick leaves the room. After Nick leaves the room, Christie mentions her power and Jackson gives her a look. She tells him that she thought he knew because everyone in their group did. He tells her it would have been nice to hear it from her. She confirms that she has one and tells him what it does. Jackson mentions how it would be really funny if Bella won HOH next week and then Nick ended up going home because Christie uses her power. Christie tells them that it worries her that Tommy doesn’t want to target them, Jack tells her that he does, but he sees Sam as a bigger threat.

It seems like Analyse is the talk of the house and not in a good way. Holly and Kat talked about how Analyse is so negative all the time and really brings nothing to the table. Holly and Jackson have the same conversation a little later on and mention how the only emotion she has is anger.

David and Ovi talked for a bit yesterday also about Camp Comeback. They talk about how if they were still in the game, they wouldn’t exclude the Camp Comeback people because they know what it’s like to be excluded for being different. Ovi looks at the memory wall and tells David that everyone’s whose face is blacked out have one thing in common, David agrees. David tells Ovi that if he comes back into the game, he is going to come in and chop some heads. He says he is going to make a big move if he wins HOH and he’s going to stand by it.

Christie, Holly, Jack, and Analyse talk later about who they should target. Jack told Analyse and Holly earlier if they win HOH they should put Nick and Bella up together with Sam as a BD option. Christie says she isn’t opposed to taking Sam out first but doesn’t want it to backfire on them. Analyse says that she really doesn’t like Nick and Bella together and isn’t sure about targeting Sam first.

The HGs did a lot of lounging after dinner. Kat mentioned to Holly that she is tired of all the house votes and thinks that it must be boring for the viewers (someone in the house gets it!). Kat mentions that maybe they should vote out Cliff to change things up. Nicole told Ovi that if Camp Comeback is decided by a HG vote, she will vote for him so that he can come back in and help her go after someone. Cliff told Over later on that Christie and Jack worry him. Kat and David were snuggling last night and she tells him she thinks that the returning HG will be determined by America’s vote.

So as of right now, it looks like Cliff is still set to become the fourth member of Camp Comeback. Next week we will probably see Nick and Bella on the block together with the possibility of Sam being BD’d but that will all depend on who wins the POV. Tonight we have an all-new episode of Big Brother where we will watch the POV comp play out. Also, stay tuned for our Favorite HG Poll results coming up later this afternoon!

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