The HGs in the Big Brother 21 house were panicking yesterday after finding suitcases in the Storage Room for the Camp Comebackers and the nominees. This sent some of the HG into a frenzy trying to make final plans a day early. Get all the Big Brother spoilers from inside the house on Wednesday right here with our Big Brother live feeds recap!

We started the day with Tommy pointing out that there are suitcases in the Storage Room for David, Ovi, Kemi, Nicole, and Cliff. This started to make the Six Shooters think that maybe there would be a surprise eviction last night. Clearly, that wasn’t the case, but it made them wonder if they should fill Kat in on the vote so that they don’t out their alliance. They also revisited the idea of trying to convince Nick and Bella that Cliff is the bigger threat.

Christie spent a good portion of her day badmouthing Kemi. She mentioned that Kemi was spreading fake rumors about them and how she never moved her stuff upstairs. She also mentions that Kemi will pull someone in a room just to tell them their outfit is nice to make it look like they are talking game with her.

Kemi also spent a good portion of her day badmouthing the other side of the house. She talked about how Jack scolded her for putting her shaker bottle in the fridge, how he threw her water bottle on the kitchen table but she didn’t even know where it came from and how their mob mentality is unnecessary. She talked about the stupid rules that Jack and the others have tried to put into place from not talking game to the campers to which way the toilet paper should flip on the roll.

Christie and Sam have a conversation in the Boat Room. She asked him what his conversation with Kemi was earlier in the day and he explains that she was upset because she heard Jack and Jackson talking about her. Christie then talks about how she isn’t even trying to win the HOH this week after her meltdown before the POV Ceremony the other day. She thinks it’s best if she just lays low. Talks turned to Camp Comeback and Christie says she would like to see David come back because she sent Ovi out, Kemi starts trouble, Cliff is targeting her and Nicole lied about her friends in the house.

Cliff goes to Nick to make sure that the plan is still to vote Nicole out and Nick tells him that it is. Cameras cut to Tommy and Analyse talking about how important it is that Cliff goes this week.

Jackson tells Jack and Holly that he doesn’t want to tell Kat about the vote this week. Jack tells Jackson that he thinks they might need to so that it isn’t obvious there is a six-person alliance. Jackson thinks she will blow their cover, but Tommy thinks that she won’t trust them if they don’t include her on it. A little later, Christie tells Tommy that she doesn’t trust the fact that Jackson and Holly are so against telling Kat about the vote. Tommy tells her that Jackson is worried about their cover being blown and Christie tells him that as long as he trusts them, she does too.

Nick tells Bella that he has to be careful about what he says in the house. He has to remember that he has a job back home and that he works with kids. Jack is at it again about cups in the fridge, but this time it was Holly he scolded. When the HGs finally realized that there wasn’t a live show last night, they were disappointed.

Christie, Tommy, and Analyse are talking about the vote. They still want to tell Kat about the vote. Analyse mentions that if they are really worried about her running her mouth to everyone, they can just tell her right before the vote. Christie tells Jack that if they don’t tell Kat about the vote and Kat doesn’t want to work with them because of it, she isn’t taking the heat for it. She tells Jack that she is going to tell Kat about the vote regardless of what Jackson says. Jack goes back to Jackson with Christie’s concerns. Jackson makes a comment about how they can’t all be playing Christie’s game, but they can tell Kat right before the vote if they want to.

There was a chat between Jackson and David in the storage room last night. David tells Jackson that he wants to be safe coming back into the house. David knows that it wouldn’t be good for him to be HOH right away because he doesn’t know what’s going on in the house. Jackson tells him that if David comes back into the game, he will see who the target is and it won’t be David. David tells him he doesn’t want to walk in blind and Jackson reassures him that he wouldn’t be a target if Jackson wins HOH. Jackson goes back to Holly, Analyse, and Christie and tells them that David wants to work with them.

Tonight we will watch as the fourth Camp Comeback camper joins David, Ovi, and Kemi. They will then battle it out and one will come back into the game. Who will it be? Stay tuned for our eviction poll and eviction prediction coming up a little later today and then join us tonight for our live recap!

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