Friday was Nomination Day in the Big Brother house and a certain alliance was sure they were in trouble. The new HOH decided that he was going to turn the house upside down with his nomination choices. Keep reading out Big Brother spoilers from inside the house right here with our Big Brother live feeds recap!

Yesterday started with one on ones with Cliff. The only HGs in the house that were truly freaking out about Cliff’s nominations were the members of the Six Shooters. Nick, Bella, and Sam all talked to Cliff earlier in the day and he made it clear to them that he wanted to work with them to make a big move. Jess, Kat, Nicole, Nick, Bella, Sam, Christie, Tommy, and Holly were all told they were safe this week, which only leaves a few options left in the house. He told Jackson that he didn’t want to see him go home, but never told him he was safe.

After all their one on ones, the Six Shooters started to compare notes and with Sam’s conversation with Christie, they started to put together that some of their own alliance members were going to be in trouble this week. Prior to the Nomination Ceremony, the only name that was consistent in and of Cliff’s scenarios was Jack. Cliff made it a point to tell everyone in the house that he might not have the chance to make a big move again, so he was going to do it. He wasn’t going to make a safe move and take out Jessica or Kat, he was going to go for someone else.

During the day we had the feeds go down for Have-Nots and Christie, Jackson, Kat, and Tommy are HNs for the week. The one on ones continued all the way up to the nomination ceremony and when the feeds came back from that, we saw Jack and Jackson’s faces on the Memory Wall. I even took a screenshot for your enjoyment:

I know it’s a little blurry, but I had to zoom in on it to get the full effect.

Anyways, After the feeds came back from Noms, Tommy was crying and Christie was confused. She was confused because she thought for sure she was going up even though everyone told her that she and Tommy were safe this week.

Cliff told Kat that Jack is his primary target this week and he wants Jackson to stay. Kat asks if the backdoor plan is for Nick and Cliff said it could be, it depends on who wins the POV.

The Six Shooters respect Cliff’s decision to put Jack and Jackson up. Christie mentions that she has no choice but to use her power this week if one of them wins the POV. Jack is clearly upset about being nominated, he went and threw away all of Cliff’s cereal boxes. Nick tells him that was a petty think to do and Tommy adds that it’s going to look bad to America.

Jack has gotten really emotional over the last couple of days, but after being nominated, he told Christie that he really misses his dog and his family back home. Mentions that going home this week wouldn’t be all that bad. He also told her in this conversation that if he stays this week and wins HOH next week he would still go after Nick and Bella.

Nick told Sam and Bella that if he wins HOH next week he is putting Jackson and Holly up with Christie or Tommy as a backup plan. Tommy is upset that Cliff nominated two of them but Christie reminds him that they did all vote him out.

There was a conversation between Cliff and Bella where Bella mentioned thinking that Jack has a power because he was so calm during noms. Christie, Tommy, and Jack all talk about if one of them wins the POV, they will use Christie’s power to take Jack down and renom Bella. Tommy later tells the HN group that they have to try and rebuild the trust with Nick and Bella so that they have the numbers, but Christie wants Bella gone. Christie also told Kat and Tommy that she doesn’t want to waste her power this week, but they will have to see what happens with the POV.

Things got interesting in the Big Brother house and with the Power of Veto comp coming up sometime today, it has the chance to get even more interesting. I’m hoping that someone who will keep the noms the same wins the POV, how about you?

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