Last night started pretty heated in the Big Brother 21 house with Nick and Bella fresh off a blindside. Surprisingly enough, they weren’t even the ones most bothered by it! We also got a new HOH with some pretty big plans going into the nomination ceremony later today! Keep reading to get all the Big Brother spoilers from Thursday night right here with our Big Brother live feeds recap!

The feeds came back from the live eviction show and we saw as Bella was in the Boat Room with Jack, Jackson, and Sam while Nick was in the Counselor’s Bedroom with Analyse, Holly, and Tommy. Both groups having different conversations about their alliance and the blindside. Bella is telling them that if her talking to other people in the house is so worrisome, then she just won’t do it. However, if she sees any of them talking alone with Cliff, Kat, Nicole, or Jess, she is going to assume that they are trying to work with them. Meanwhile, Nick is having a back in forth about whether or not he is trusted. They are telling him they trust him, but implying that they might not trust someone else in his group (Bella).

After this happens and the groups start to disperse, Jackson tells Jack, Tommy, and Holly that Nick and Bella are going up if he wins HOH and he doesn’t care what anyone else has to say about it. Jack is annoyed that everyone is babying Nick and Bella and acting like everything is okay and the nine is still intact. Meanwhile, in another room, Jessica is annoyed that she wasn’t let in on the vote because she wanted to vote to keep Nicole.

Tommy tries to do some damage control with Cliff. He apologizes for the vote but adds that he couldn’t risk Ovi and Cliff being together in the house. Analyse and Christie follows up with Cliff also just in case he wins the HOH. A little later, Christie tries to do some damage control with Bella and explains to her that Cliff was coming after the couples, but Bella is confused as to why Christie would care so much because she isn’t in a showmance. She tells Bella that Cliff names her and Tommy as a duo because he thinks that they are really tight in this game. Christie also tells Bella that she has every right to be upset because she would be upset too if she was in her position.

Feeds cut for the HOH comp which took just under two hours and when the feeds came back up we saw Cliff with the key around his neck. He then went into the storage room and did a solo celebration dance. Jack is mad because Cliff barely beat him. Kat relays to Analyse that Jessica said she would put Christie and Jack up if she were to have won the HOH. Jackson asks Kat to try and encourage Cliff to put Nick and Bella up. Christie is expecting to be nominated because of what happened tonight with the vote. Jackson considered volunteering to be a pawn because he thinks that he would have the numbers to stay. When he tells Tommy about this, Tommy agrees with it and tells him he was thinking the same sort of thing.

Cliff gets his HOH room and of course, now it’s time for Gr8ful to try and make their pitches. Christie is trying to convince Cliff that the vote flip was a last-minute decision, but Cliff tells her that he isn’t concerned with the past, he is looking to the future. Cliff talks with Kat and then with Jess. He confirmed with Jess that she and Kat would be safe this week. Kat warns Cliff that the other side is trying to convince Nicole that she owes them for keeping her safe.

Cliff confirmed that Jack is on his list of possible noms and within minutes, Kat is already downstairs telling Jackson that he might be in danger but she is expecting Jack and Nick to go up on the block.

The nomination ceremony is coming up later today and I will have all the spoilers for you as soon as they are made available! Who do you think Cliff should put on the block? Do you think that Nick and Jack is a good choice? Who do you think his back-up plan should be?

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