It was a pretty quiet day in the Big Brother house considering everything that went down on Monday before and after the POV Ceremony. Bella spent a good chunk of her day campaigning against Jack, but did it help her cause? Get all the Big Brother spoilers from inside the house right here with our Big Brother live feeds recap!

Yesterday there was a chat between Christie and Analyse where Christie voiced that she didn’t want to win HOH next week. She talks about wanting her letter and pictures but how she doesn’t want to nominate anyone. Analyse says that she would probably put Nick and Jess up, but she doesn’t think that she could backdoor Sam because they have a good relationship. Christie and Analyse also talk about how they wouldn’t mind taking each other to F2. Analyse adds that she knows she would lose, but it would be to Christie and her gameplay (ummmm, what?).

Bella is worried about being evicted with nowhere to live. Jackson tells her that on Thursday (lockdown) he will give her his roommate’s social media information and she can crash at his place. Holly also offers her apartment.

Sam and Jessica talk about the next HOH and Jessica mentions that if it’s an endurance comp (it is) she isn’t winning. Sam asks her if she is going to stick with her vote for Bella and tells her that he is going to just in case there is a flip vote. Jessica says she is in a pickle (this is because she thinks she is close to Christie and that if Jack goes Christie won’t work with her). Bella walked in so the conversation changed.

Cliff, Kat, and Nicole have a talk in the HOH room. Nicole says that for the moral of the house, Bella is the right one to go, but the same could be said about Jack and him being a physical threat. Jessica walks in and they catch her up with the conversation. Kat mentions that Bella has been so dishonest and disloyal to her alliance, Jess doesn’t know that Bella would feel any kind of loyalty to them. Cliff tells them that whatever way they vote, they should all vote the same way, that way none of them get hung out to dry. At the end of this conversation, a new alliance formed with Cliff, Kat, Nicole, and Jessica called “Cliff’s Angels” and yes they did the pose from the movie.

Christie and Kat talk shortly after this. Christie tells Kat that she can’t spend another second with Jackson because he is being really mean and only wants to talk about himself. Kat says that they need to make sure that Jackson doesn’t make Jury because they don’t want to have to spend all summer with him in the Big Brother house or the Jury house. Christie said she would feel great about getting him out and tells Kat that he was the one who cast the rogue vote (why are we still talking about this?)

Bella campaigns to Tommy and asks him how he is going to vote, he tells her that he is going to vote with the house and he isn’t even sure how they are all voting.

Bella goes over her campaign with Nick and tells him that she has been telling people that there are a lot more physical competitions left and Jack is going to win most of them. She adds more ideas to her pitch, but Nick doesn’t seem very interested in it.

Later on, Nick is talking to Sam and tells him that he is going to blow up Christie’s game to Jackson. He says he is going to tell him that Christie doesn’t want to go to the end with the showmances and that she doesn’t like the way he treats women. They agree that if they win HOH, they are going to nominate Christie and Jess and if one of them (Nick or Sam) won POV, they would BD Jack.

There was a long conversation between Bella, Jackson, and Holly. They were the first ones she campaigned to yesterday and it started off with her owning to the fact that she played too hard too soon. Says that she was really working on her social game, but she didn’t really trust people. She also added that she planted too many seeds instead of letting them come to her. Bella then goes into how Jack is a bigger threat than she is and as long as he is here, he’s going to win comps. She adds that he also has a great social game. She also tells them that Jack has a lot of loyalties in this game and keeping her gives everyone in the house a better chance at playing the game.

After Bella leaves the room, Jack walks in and Holly and Jackson tell him that Bella is swinging for the fences. Bella is outside the room listening for the first part of this conversation. A little later, Holly and Jackson talked about it and they agree that everything she said has crossed their minds, but Jackson said he would rather duke it out one on one than blindside Jack.

Bella campaigns to Jessica and tells her that Jack is connected to too many people in the house and adds that she (Bella) can go home next week just as easily. She tells Jessica that she isn’t going to tell her who she has votes from already that way she knows that Bella won’t drop her name to anyone either. Nicole joins the conversation and hears the rest of Bella’s pitch.

Jessica and Nicole go to Cliff and they tell him that Bella is campaigning and making some really good points. They mention that Bella isn’t campaigning against Jack, just making the advantage of keeping her known. Bella goes to Kat and Christie next and tells them that she is a bigger target than either of them and weaker at the competitions. After Bella is done, Kat and Christie agree that Jack wouldn’t put them up so it should be an easy choice.

Bella checks in with Cliff and asks him if he would break the tie in her favor. He asks her how she is going to pull off a tie vote and she tells him that she is working on Jess and Kat and asks him to put in a good word for her. Cliff tells Bella that even if this doesn’t work, she tried really hard to make something happen.

It is not looking too promising for Bella, however, there is still time before the Live Eviction tomorrow night. Stay tuned for our Favorite HG Poll results coming up a little later and our live recap for tonight’s episode starting at 9/8c!

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