It was Eviction Eve in the Big Brother 21 house and the target for the week has come to terms with the fact that the vote isn’t going to go their way. If you missed any of the chit chat in the house throughout the day, check out our Big Brother live feeds recap below for all the Big Brother spoilers!

The feeds started off really slow yesterday morning with only a couple of conversations going on in the house. Jack campaigned to Nicole in the Boat Room and tells her that he has done well in comps so far this season, but came here to not only prove that he can do well, but that he can be a team player. He adds that he wants to help his allies get as far in this game as they can and tells her that he has always had her back and always will. He basically sucked up to her and she fell for it hook, line, and sinker. When Jack leaves the room, Nicole says to herself that this game makes you so paranoid and she doesn’t know if Jack or Bella, or both are blowing smoke.

Jack then goes to Christie and tells her about his campaign to Nicole. Cliff walks in to tell them that he has been hearing that Bella has this big plan in place to get Jackson and Holly to flip their vote. Christie and Jack tell him that they knew about it and joked that their code word is blueberry pancakes. They add that if Jackson or Holly say blueberry pancakes that are supposed to signal Bella that they are flipping their votes. Jackson joins the conversation and confirms that no matter if he says blueberry pancakes or not, he is voting Bella out. They then go out and fill Analyse and Holly in on the conversation and Christie jokes that she can’t wait until after the vote is revealed because she is going to say something like “I can’t wait until I’m off slop so I can have some blueberry pancakes” as Bella is saying her goodbyes.

The HGs were so bored that they decided, or should I say Tommy decided, that they were going to do a fashion show before dinner. This took most of the day and while the HGs got dressed and did their makeup, there were just general conversations going on.

Nicole and Jessica talked about keeping Bella. Jessica tells Nicole that it isn’t a good idea and tells her that Jackson and Holly have no intentions of keeping Bella and that he is just telling Bella what she wants to hear. Plus she doesn’t want to end up on the wrong side of Christie’s power.

Nick talks to Bella about how he told Jackson how Christie really feels about him because of how he treats the women in the house. Bella gave Cliff a heads up about this just in case it blows up. As the HGs started winding down for the day, Bella spent a lot of her night saying goodbye to her fellow HGs.

Sam has a talk with Tommy. He is trying to gauge how much trust he can put into Jack going forward. Tommy is downplaying his connection with the others but Sam tells him that he knows Tommy has been running back and telling them everything he talks to him about. Tommy tries to get out of this by telling Sam that he never said he couldn’t tell anyone what they talked about. Sam tells Tommy that he doesn’t like how Bella and Nick were ostracized for playing both sides of the house when clearly everyone is. Sam also let Tommy know that Gr8ful was around before Unde9able, but Tommy tries to tell him that Gr8ful was dead way before Unde9able was made.

This conversation continued with Sam telling Tommy that Nick and Bella were loyal to the alliance and that everyone was supposed to make Jury together but then all of a sudden Nick and Bella were targets. Tommy is telling Sam that it’s because they were playing too hard too soon, but Sam isn’t buying it. Sam tells Tommy that he has heard that Nick and Sam are going up together next week, but Tommy doesn’t confirm that. This conversation went on for almost an hour and after Sam went to talk to Nick about it. Sam tells Nick that he is more determined than ever to hold onto that wall until his fingers fall off.

Tonight we will watch as Jack or Bella (most likely Bella at this point unless something big happens this morning) walk out of the Big Brother house. Stay tuned for my eviction poll and eviction prediction coming up this afternoon. We also have a live vote and eviction show and endurance comp coming up tonight which I will have live recaps for as they play out!

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