It was Nomination Day in the Big Brother house on Friday and even though there was a new HOH in power, things went exactly like we thought they would. The two HGs that drew the punishment chips at the HOH were given their punishments and HNs were named. Get all the Big Brother spoilers from inside the house on Friday right here with our Big Brother live feeds recap!

Yesterday’s live feeds started off with Holly’s one on ones with the other HGs. She spoke with Nick first and he was pretty short, sweet and to the point with his pitch. He tells her that he doesn’t have any more distractions in this game now that Bella is gone and that he is willing to be a team player and do what the alliance asks of him. He also mentioned that if he made it to jury, he would vote based on gameplay and not on emotion.

When Sam talked to Holly, he started the conversation with “so, are Nick and I pretty much screwed this week?” Holly tells him not necessarily and explains that she is planning on being as diplomatic as possible this week. She tells him that he plan is to do what the majority of the house wants her to and if it ends up being Nick and Sam, they at least have the POV. Sam tells her that he knows his name has been thrown around and that his future in the house is grim, but he just wants to make it one more week and go to Jury. He implies that he would like to see Jessica go this week so that he doesn’t get stuck with her in the jury house.

Everyone else comes and goes from the HOH room and they are all told the same thing. She tells them all that she thinks the house is on the same page with who should go up and she is going to go with that option. Jackson tells her at one point that all she has to do is tell them they were the only ones that voted against the house with Bella.

There was a lot of general chit chat in the house yesterday as the HGs were stuck inside the house. Christie is convinced that the DE is going to be next week and has most of her alliance convinced of that too. Sam and Nick have a Block Party in the Boat Room and they are basically just waiting for their names to be read at the nomination ceremony. Nick says there best case is if one of them goes up with a pawn and the other wins the POV. They also talk about how the worse nomination speech would be that they were the only ones to vote against the house last week. Nick mentions that he thinks it’s funny that the alliance he made is going to be the one to send him home.

Sam tries one more time to campaign to Holly. She tells him that she still isn’t sure what she is doing. She tells him that Nick and Sam have so much more to offer her than some of the other names being thrown into the mix, but she still doesn’t want to go against what the house wants. Jackson asks Sam if he won HOH would he put Jackson or Holly up and Sam says “100% no.”

Christie and Tommy were called to the DR together and when they come out, they have their poison ivy costumes on. They are swimsuits with ivy leaves on them and they have red blotchy makeup all over their body. Here is a screenshot:

Nominations happened and we see that Holly went with Sam and Nick. Holly tells Jackson that Nick was expecting it, but Sam was pissed that he was put up. Holly says that she would probably put Kat up as a renom because no one will vote against her sitting next to Sam or Nick. Jackson mentions that he can’t stand how self-centered Kat is.

Christie has a talk with Nick and tells him that she didn’t want to take a shot at Jackson (even though she said she did) and that she was just upset. Christie also tells Nick that if he stays this week, it will be a chance for him to start over because he won’t be in a duo and won’t be seen as a threat. We all know that she is lying straight through her teeth.

Holly comes out of the DR with a message and they all gather around for her to read it. She reads that the HNs this week are the first three people that fell from the HOH comp. Sam, Nicole, and Jessica.

Kat tells Holly about the “Cliff’s Angels” alliance that her, Jessica, Nicole, and Cliff made. Kat tells Holly that she doesn’t trust Nicole. Holly admits that she almost put Nicole on the block. Meanwhile, Tommy is having a talk with Christie and Analyse about how Holly admitted to somewhat being swayed by Bella’s argument about Holly and Jackson being lowest on the totem pole in their alliance. Christie says that she wants Nick to go this week and Analyse and Jack agrees.

Kat has been working Holly on renoming Nicole if Nick or Sam come off the block. She also told Christie and Analyse that Nick approached her about the flip vote and knowing about it before it happened. She has planted the seed that it must have been Nicole that said something to Nick because Tommy probably warned Nicole ahead of time that she was staying. Later, Kat and Holly talked about the advantages of getting Nicole out now instead of later. They worry that she might have been trying to flip votes for Bella to stay.

Power of Veto will happen today at some point, stay tuned for all the spoilers throughout the day. Looks like Nicole might be the new renom target and Kat is really working the “get her out now” angle hard. Could this potentially save Sam or Nick on eviction night?

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