It was POV Ceremony day in the Big Brother 21 house and there could have been one of two plans put into place. After the POV Ceremony, the target started to plot their campaign and their eviction speech. Get all the Big Brother spoilers from inside the house here with our Big Brother live feeds recap!

Before the POV Ceremony took place we watched as Holly had a series of conversations. She went to Jessica to let her in on her plan to renom Kat so that Kat’s closest allies inside the house didn’t freak out. She did the same thing with Cliff. After that, she had an honest conversation with Sam about how the week was going to play out. She told him that she didn’t want to create waves this week so she was putting up someone neutral next to him. He was rightfully upset but understood that it was the best move for her game.

Cliff and Jessica have a conversation about how much they trust Christie and everything she tells them. Talks switch to how well Holly is running her HOH and how much they appreciate her honesty and openness about her plans.

The POV Ceremony happened and we saw that Kat was the replace like Holly said she would be. Sam and Analyse have a conversation outside about Christie. At this point Sam has nothing to lose, so he is going to try to take someone down with him. He tells Analyse about Christie calling him out in front of Jessica, Jack, and Cliff the night before. He tells her that everything she tried to spin on him was things that she brought to him in the first place. For example, her telling people that Sam and Nick were trying to bully her into not using her power during Cliff’s HOH when she told Sam she wouldn’t use and would go along with Cliff’s plans as long as Cliff didn’t put her up. He adds that Christie knew that Cliff’s targets were Jack and Jackson. Analyse is fuming when she hears this and asks Holly to talk.

Analyse fills Holly in on the conversation she had with Sam, however, she can’t remember a lot of the key details (she really has the memory of a goldfish). She started it off with how Sam is upset that everyone is telling him he is good this week when he clearly isn’t. Holly isn’t sure why people are unnecessarily lying to Sam. Analyse also fills her in on how it was Christie that made the fake Flaming Five alliance, not Nick. Holly doesn’t understand why she would make a fake alliance and Analyse tells her that it was the week of Christie’s HOH when she was worried Jack would go after her for not BD’ing Kemi. Analyse also mentions how annoyed she is with Kat and how she thinks she has a crush on Jack.

Nick tells Kat that he doesn’t see a scenario where Kat doesn’t survive this week and adds that the vote against Sam should be unanimous. Meanwhile, the Six shooters are talking in the HOH room about what to do next week. Analyse says it should be Nick and Nicole, Christie agrees and says that Nick needs to go but Analyse thinks that it should be Nicole. Christie tells her that Nicole isn’t a threat, she isn’t going to win a competition.

Sam tells Nick that he plans on blowing up Christie’s game in his eviction speech. Meanwhile, Tommy and Jack are talking about how Nick wants to win HOH to prove his loyalty to them. Holly says that Nick has said a lot of things to a lot of people. They also talk about using Nick to take out the rest of the outsiders and throwing the HOH to him.

Analyse is still ticked off at Kat and tells Jack that she wants to go off on her. Jack warns Analyse that she has to be careful of who she talks about Kat around. Mentions Christie specifically. Holly and Jackson have a talk about Analyse always being mad about something. Later on, Kat, Holly, and Jackson talk about Analyse. Kat knows that Analyse has been talking about her because Kat was bitchy to her earlier. They talk about how it is too early for Analyse to be causing trouble within their alliance. They talk about how Analyse is just trying to get close to Christie because she has pull. Kat goes back to Christie and tells her that she needs to say less to Analyse because she is running back and telling people everything Christie tells her.

Sam warns Nicole and Cliff not to feel safe with the other side of the house. Sam tells them that he thinks the potential pecking order is Nick, Nicole, and then Cliff. Nicole thinks she will be first and Cliff adds that Nick could get back into the other side’s good graces. Sam tells them that he wants to have a total shocker in his eviction speech, one that will blindside Christie. Cliff and Nicole talk about how they have to go after the couples because they are ruining this game. Sam says he is going to put a huge target on Christie’s back.

Sam also talks to them about trying to make Kat spiral so that she could potentially be voted out on Thursday and adds that it is his only chance. Nicole tells him that he can expose Christie before his eviction speech, he said he would but isn’t sure anyone will believe him. Basically saying when he knows he is walking out the door and have nothing left to lose he is going to blow it up because there is more of a chance that they will believe it then.

Kat tells Jess how Analyse was pushing for Holly to put up Nicole this week to try and save Sam and then went to Christie and tried to make it seem like it was Holly’s idea and not Analyse’s. Jackson got sick off the fish they were eating yesterday and spent a lot of the evening vomiting. Nick is trying to get back into Christie’s good graces by telling her that he will protect her in the game and she mentions that she needs to talk to people less because she has a tendency to say too much.

Regardless of what happens this week, the chances of Sam going this week are higher than Kat going, but he isn’t going down without a fight.

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